October 14, 2013

moving forward

I saw RE number 4 or 5 last month and finally got the help I have been looking for! He did a sonogram as a "starting point" and prescribed me femera and progesterone. I went back last Thursday for another sonogram and med refill. The sono showed I did ovulate but not to the doc's satisfaction so he has upped the meds and added a shot to help force ovulation to be "stronger" I guess plus more progesterone pills.

I just got off the phone with the specialty pharmacy in New Jersey. My insurance covered the shot and pills! They will be here tomorrow and ready to be used when the doctor decides it is time.

Having the progesterone last month was heaven! I slept. I was less hormonal/pms'ish. I felt NORMAL.  A total God send!

Now I have a week or so to build my confidence up to giving myself a shot. I hate needles. I can't even look when the nurses draw blood. Total panic attack. I total hubs HE can do it for me... bwahahaha! He is worried I might hit him but he is willing :)

September 2, 2013

maybe Hashitmoto's?

After his sonogram the doctors are thinking that is what is wrong. He will get a new blood draw in a few weeks and we will go from there.

still appreciate prayers

August 6, 2013

good news!

It is NOT Grave's disease! He need a sonogram of his thyroid and neck and we will go from there. Dr said it can be any number of things and not to worry yet. His labs are still high though.

I am happy to rule out something! Thank You God!

August 5, 2013

well crap

there I said it. CRAP CRAP CRAP!

I saw the RE today and was given the news she will not do injectable drugs unless I agree to IVF or IUI. Not gonna happen. She finally offered to monitor a cycle as a "diagnostic" and give progesterone once ovulation was confirmed insurance will cover it she said as we walked to the ins/billing office.  Once inside billing had a different view. oh heck no it is not covered this is TREATMENT with IUI/IVF... uh what? That is not what dr said.

Things went down hill from there. I was accused of trying to falsify ins info. I was nearly in tears and trying not to get angry. I said what dr had said this, billing said that, ins says something else so I was very confused! I was promptly given a list of benefits and shown the door.

I'm waiting on ins guy to call me back. I guess I am looking for a new NEW DR.

I'm still angry. Steaming mad really. 
I can't believe I was accused of trying to break the law because I believed my doctor.

oh and when I said I was tired of this hormonal swing, that I had said to Hubs once maybe I should just get a hysterectomy... she agreed with me.  After all my hormones won't fix themselves. DUH! grrr. Oh I could also take the Birth Control Pill... even though it makes me puke nonstop and uh we would like the option of another baby if  Father YAH wills it.  Geez Louis is it that hard to understand!?

August 3, 2013

a blessing in disguise

This being our second loss in 9 months the fertility dr ordered extensive labs on Hubs and I. So far my has come back "normal" which is ok I guess just means we still have no reason why we lost the babies. I have thyroid labs on Monday since I haven't had them checked in a while.

Hub's labs did come back with a issue. His thyroid levels are through the roof which is no beuno. The dr is testing him for Graves disease and we are waiting for those results to come back. From what I gather having too high levels of thyroid causes serious health issues the worst is sudden cardiac death. Our PCP told us not to "go there" until we have all the testing done because it is treatable with meds and/or surgery. WHEW!

I'm so glad the fertility dr pushed for BOTH of us to be tested! It has given us the heads up to a situation that needed addressed and gets Hubs on the road to wellness. Praise God!

July 18, 2013

another loss

We found out in June we were expecting a new little one come Feb or March. Everything was going good so we told the family and church. Last week we found out that once again my body failed me with hormones and our baby has gone to heaven.

I'm doing ok. I'm seeing a new dr my insurance and other drs recommended. Tomorrow I will have an HSG and start a massive amount of blood work. Hubs will also have to have blood work to rule out that we aren't "compatible" DNA wise for some reason.

I'm just praying for answers. The dr wants me to do injections of gonal-f to help stimulate hormone production but as a drup used in IVF/IUI insurance doesn't cover it or the umpteen dr visits required to use the high powered med. BUT... my ins says if we can get the drs to prove I have an "underlying medical issue" and I am not using it for IVF/IUI they may cover it.  If not its back to square one.

April 5, 2013

stolen bags and entertaining angels

Hubs had a business trip this week Monday through Wednesday. His company phone decided it was tired of working and promptly stopped reading its SIM card. He could text a bit but couldn't make or receive calls. He got back from south Texas before lunch on Wednesday to do more training in Dallas. Hubs, Hub's boss, and Boss's boss stopped near the hotel they would teach at for a quick burger. They came out to find the windows of their rental car smashed and all their luggage and computers stolen!

The only thing missed was an external hard drive that fell out as things were pulled through the window. God bless 'em, the hard drive had their presentation on it! Talk about answered prayers!
The police said the bags are gone and nothing will ever be found. :(

Then I get a call this morning. Once again Hubs is in Dallas and getting gas before he goes to the plant. He tells me a homeless mas had came up asking for money. He turned him away as we don't carry cash. The guy hung around the gas station while he pumped gas and they talked a bit about how he had walked all the way from Austin. Hubs decided the least he could do was buy him some food and the guy asked for sandwich and milk. Hubs purchased him several sandwiches and a large jug of milk and the man was grateful as the homeless man turn to leave he said "God bless you , Mike" and went to the dumpster area. Hubby thought a second about how the man knew his name but blew it off as his work shirt has his name on it... then he looked down... he had his jacket zipped to his neck from the cold... his shirt was completely covered! He followed to wear he saw the man walk (a one way in/out gate) and the guy was gone! There was no way the guy could hide or leave the area in the seconds it took for Hubby to move over there.

Interesting to me is Hubby was in Austin yesterday. I said he must of out ran his guardian angel this week :)

April 4, 2013

sicker than I thought

Today I sound like my lungs are purring. Each deep breath or cough produces a rattling gurgling noise that starts at my right collar bone and travels down deep into the lung to my ribs in back. Thankfully I'm now fever free for 24 hrs and on powerful medicines.  I am very thankful that the anti-cough pills are working and I can talk without choking and coughing up a lung!

I can't lay down flat so I am now living on my couch. The coffee table is my medicine chest. The dogs think it is awesome that I am all snuggly with blankets and keep helping themselves to my makeshift bed. :)

day 5 of being sick and I am very bored. There is just nothing on TV worth watching now days.
My day is limited to bathroom trips, sleeping, and eating so I can get the meds down.  This is really getting old fast!

April 3, 2013

bed rest

I had what I thought was bad allergies start when a storm blew through the area this weekend. When fever hit (and still won't leave!) I knew it wasn't just allergies. I have some sort of lung virus/crud/ that has me knocked flat out on my bum. I can't get up and move or talk without starting to cough/choke/hack until I can't breathe and nearly puke. Good times. My sinuses are also killing me and making a headache OTC meds haven't touched.

Of course dear hubby left for a "2 day road trip" for work Monday and still isn't back so the kids are enjoying that I can't get on to them or tell them to do chores ;) Luckily hubs is back in the DFW area and finishing the training he is teaching so he will be home tonight!

I did feel slightly decent for 30 minutes last night and had to get off my couch bed and DO SOMETHING... like recover Princess's desk chair. UGH. I suffered for it as the 40(?) yr old dirt and junk particles flew up and caused my nose to run like a faucet. ewww....   BUT it is DONE. She is in there hand sanding it now so we can try and paint it this weekend, God willing, when I feel better.

At the doctor today, he loaded me up on steroids, antibiotic, cough syrup (the good kind with codeine in it so I can sleep) and cough drops. I honestly think that was the shortest visit with my doctor ever since I couldn't talk. LOL! He looked. He listened. He ran out of the room and then when he came back with my scripts he stood waaaaaayyyyyyy over there plenty far from me. Gee that makes me feel so great. He said it can take 2 weeks for this crud to run its course. wahhhh.

The only good news is I am OFFICIALLY 30 PLUS pounds LIGHTER! Weighing in at 184lb and my doctor is very pleased. :) He has lowered my thyroid pill to half a dose and taken me off all my other meds. He doesn't think I need to lose any more but I want to drop 10 more lbs and tone up which I know will add some weight back... muscle is heavier than fat and all that jazz.

March 21, 2013

just keep going!

so much for my new nail polish! this was the last time I saw that particular bottle :(
I cleaned clutter a bit too well it seems

5,985,009 staples in the chair...
take one out
curses you'll shout
cause there is still 5 bazillion staples in the chair! 

5 bazillion and 1!

nothing wood glue and new screws can't fix!
it is worth it.
it is worth it.
it is worth it
I think

March 11, 2013

making memories

our reward for tearing down and hauling away over 7,000lbs of junk

campfire in the front yard
hot dogs and roasting marshmallows
stories and laughter
life IS good

March 9, 2013

working around the house

Replacing the old nasty door trim with nice 1x4 boards.
We have already finished the hall doors :)

my handsome helper driving home the last nail

what I found when I pulled the kitchen door trim. hand painted ivy leaves.
who paints UNDER the trim!?

my helper dressed in-
river shoes
snoe gloves
hard hat
sweat pants and t-shirt
and his furry jacket
tools he required-
hammer and pry bar

March 8, 2013

french cane chairs

works in progress

52 week savings challenge!

I saw this going around on FB and then on Pinterest so I thought I would give it a go. Who doesn't need an extra $1,378.00!?!

source- stuckathomemom.com

We decided to up the ante and multiply by FOUR. A dollar for the parents and a dollar for each child. If we are faithful we should have  $5,512.00 come December and Hub's mandatory time off! We can take a real vacation or something!! WOOT!

I wanted a way to make sure we couldn't get to the money very easy so I chose an apple cider jug with a very small opening. I can just ease a quarter into it so shaking out money or trying to pull out dollars is not happening.

BONUS! Having a nice large glass container really helps to SEE the money building up. :) We are also adding in all spare change we find laying around... for non cash carrying people there sure is an abundance of it! LOL

So here we are... week TEN and I have only added to week EIGHT. I must fix that tomorrow.

Week numberFrom DateTo Date
Week 01
December 31, 2012
January 6, 2013
Week 02
January 7, 2013
January 13, 2013
Week 03
January 14, 2013
January 20, 2013
Week 04
January 21, 2013
January 27, 2013
Week 05
January 28, 2013
February 3, 2013
Week 06
February 4, 2013
February 10, 2013
Week 07
February 11, 2013
February 17, 2013
Week 08
February 18, 2013
February 24, 2013
Week 09
February 25, 2013
March 3, 2013
Week 10
March 4, 2013
March 10, 2013
Week 11March 11, 2013March 17, 2013
Week 12March 18, 2013March 24, 2013
Week 13March 25, 2013March 31, 2013
Week 14April 1, 2013April 7, 2013
Week 15April 8, 2013April 14, 2013
Week 16April 15, 2013April 21, 2013
Week 17April 22, 2013April 28, 2013
Week 18April 29, 2013May 5, 2013
Week 19May 6, 2013May 12, 2013
Week 20May 13, 2013May 19, 2013
Week 21May 20, 2013May 26, 2013
Week 22May 27, 2013June 2, 2013
Week 23June 3, 2013June 9, 2013
Week 24June 10, 2013June 16, 2013
Week 25June 17, 2013June 23, 2013
Week 26June 24, 2013June 30, 2013
Week 27July 1, 2013July 7, 2013
Week 28July 8, 2013July 14, 2013
Week 29July 15, 2013July 21, 2013
Week 30July 22, 2013July 28, 2013
Week 31July 29, 2013August 4, 2013
Week 32August 5, 2013August 11, 2013
Week 33August 12, 2013August 18, 2013
Week 34August 19, 2013August 25, 2013
Week 35August 26, 2013September 1, 2013
Week 36September 2, 2013September 8, 2013
Week 37September 9, 2013September 15, 2013
Week 38September 16, 2013September 22, 2013
Week 39September 23, 2013September 29, 2013
Week 40September 30, 2013October 6, 2013
Week 41October 7, 2013October 13, 2013
Week 42October 14, 2013October 20, 2013
Week 43October 21, 2013October 27, 2013
Week 44October 28, 2013November 3, 2013
Week 45November 4, 2013November 10, 2013
Week 46November 11, 2013November 17, 2013
Week 47November 18, 2013November 24, 2013
Week 48November 25, 2013December 1, 2013
Week 49December 2, 2013December 8, 2013
Week 50December 9, 2013December 15, 2013
Week 51December 16, 2013December 22, 2013
Week 52December 23, 2013December 29, 2013

March 7, 2013

decrappify 2013. baby steps y'all!

BEFORE- 3 drawers stuffed with movies!
thats the empty case trash pile growing on the right

ONE drawer of movies neatly in a multidisc DVD holder
a few of my movies that don't "go" with the case

 Baby steps towards LESS stuff! This dresser has 6 drawers and 3 shelves. 1 drawer all nice and neat! Next I will go through the others and hopefully purge even more!

March 6, 2013

Blue and Gold Banquet

Our Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet was 2 weeks ago. We enjoyed good brisket and fixings along with yummy cookies and 'nana puddin'.  We then honored our Scouts and a local dad who was headed to the War the next day. The Pack presented him with a large wool blanket signed by all the families with best wishes and prayers. It was humbling knowing he is willing to lay down his life for our safety and freedom. Our prayers are for a soon and safe return home for all of our fighting men and women!

Here are a few random pics...
Bub and I waiting to receive his awards
he won 2nd place in the Pine Wood Derby!
so many patches, belt loops and a pin!
his awards
cake we won in the auction... we donated it to our fire fighters who had judged the cakes.
this one won 2nd place!
another cake we won. this is the first place cake :)

at the fire house the Tigers who went with us got to play fireman!

when Bub realized he was getting awards Dad was called up and poor ol' mom was benched. LOL

March 5, 2013

getting skinny(er)

almost 30 lbs lighter

its fun trying on dresses that are a size MEDIUM!
I wish I had bought one of these but I'm still too afraid to be thin.
crazy huh!?

Valentine's dance

my sweet younger daughter

my beautiful oldest daughter
 Our local homeschool group had its first Valentine's Day dance. My girls rushed to get ready after just finishing swim (oldest) and dance (younger). I think they looked wonderful for the few minutes they had to prepare :)

I'm told they even danced with *gasp* boys! All friendly dancing in groups though :) No boyfriends around here!

March 1, 2013

what a year so far!

I keep meaning to get online and post updates. I just can't make myself sit down and take the time and really I forget til its so late (like now at 11pm!) that I am not thinking straight.
So enjoy along rambling post :)

Since my last post we have celebrated 15 years of marriage! It was a special day not just because it was 12-12-12 but our younger daughter had her first dance recital for ballet :) My mother in law and my mom came from out of state to celebrate the holiday and see baby girl dance. We enjoyed Hubby having 11 days off by catching the flu with 4 of our 5.
I had it the worst because I just won't stay down and recover...
hey I'm mom and moms don't get sick leave!

January brought back all our normal activities of school, swim, scouts, ballet, and church. Then Princess added tap dancing to her dance schedule. We spend 5 days in another town now out of the week and we really need to move as soon as we possibly can.

The kids are trying to meet our insurance deductible in record time this year as well. GAH! Boy had a sudden breathing issue that had him wheezing, grunting, and gasping for air and when a neb treatment didn't help a trip to the ER was called for. The dr said he probably wasn't sick and thanks to a weather front they were seeing lots of "asthma" that week. He has never had asthma so whatever. A week later Princess was playing with the dogs and turned into the TV dresser so hard she broke her nose! AND a week after that she got mad at her brother for making noises while she was doing school that in her haste to quiet him down she ripped a huge deep hole open in her foot! It was so not a phone call a mom wants "I'm bleeding and it won't stop!" I stopped my errands and ran her to our dr who stitched her right up. She had her stitches out on Monday and is healing well. Thanks to all the dr visits we have also had all of our well checks for the year and everyone is healthy... look for the bright side of things right!?

I lost ALMOST 30 POUNDS! Yeppers!
I went from 215 to 188lb and I feel so good!!
My clothes went from XXLT to MEDIUM in tops and a 18/20 in pants to a 13/14.
Now my new problem is finding things to fit and I can deal with that :)

I finally saw my family dr about the loss. He referred me to a doctor friend of his who does "fertility" care not "INfertility" care. Understand? Me either ;) All I know is he is a well respected OBGYN with several specialities for over 30 yrs and comes well spoken of.  He ordered blood work because he believes I have a "corpus lutum cyst failure" and my progesterone came back at 0.9 on day 21 (normal is over 15). He started me on the drug combo of metformin 1500 and clomid 50. I just had blood work done 2 weeks ago and my progesterone was 35.4! so something worked/helped I hope. I will see him next week for more info and what's next.

I have been working on projects around the house I can't wait to show! I've been replacing the door trim with nice 1x4 boards. I have 1x6 boards to use for baseboards...someday.  I did prime my room in a frenzied day while Hubby was gone to WY last week. It looks so much better and BRIGHTER! Almost too bright but I have to wait to paint until he is gone again so the room can be basically unused and the smell will be gone. My painting explanded to furniture as well. The two cane chairs are French Linen now, a dresser is on its way to an omage to Downton Abby complete with sparkly new pulls, a desk is 80% painted, the dresser under the TV is DONE, and my kitchen table and chairs have taken the plunge into milk paint!

I have decrappified so much junk my closet is actually looking a wee bit empty. I think I have filled my Durango with at least 4-5 full loads that went to donations or permanent storage. We took this whole "Decrappify 2013" to a whole nother level when we spent the weekend outside and emptied, purged and then TORE DOWN our storage building! It was rotten and nasty. Well over due! In 2 days we hauled over 7,000 lbs to the dump! (got to love cheap dump month!!) We also cut down 2 trees. Our weeping willow died from the drought and fell over in a wind storm in Jan and our poor old hollow pear tree that mainly fed the wasps and rodents.

I need to add pics. All the things I have talked about are worthless without them!
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