January 9, 2010

Rabbit Show 1-9-10

 Today we went to our first rabbit show. It started off on the wrong note. Nothing like waking up late when you need to be somewhere at 7am and that somewhere is an hour away. We forgot everything but the rabbits and had to buy it at the show for 4 times the normal price. Oh well, lesson learned. The girls had a blast and made lots of new friends. We can't wait to go to our next show!

Princess is holding "Pookie" while we wait to be called up for judging.

"Pookie" on the Judge's table for the 2nd show

"Pookie" won Best of Sex and Best of Sex Variety in both shows

Peanut didn't want to pose for pics today. Her doe "Roxie" came in 2nd in both shows. We are learning the fun lesson of gracious loser tonight. We did go buy the things needed to hopefully improve "Roxie's" chances of showing better...special food for her coat (she is in constant molt), sunflower seeds, and different hay.

January 6, 2010

half moon curio make over - part 1

This is a hand-me-down from Hubby's mom. The stain was in terrible shape. Rubbing alcohol  had been spilled on the top leaving a white area. Some areas of stain were cracking from age and it was yellowing in places.

 Here is a close up of the gold designs on the door. Those were scraped off pretty fast!

That is my oldest daughter sanding away

Almost completely sanded!

First coat of a lovely turquoise paint!

painting the fabric covered back

 My Sparky wiring in the lighting

his helper

test run of the lights with Bub making some final tweaks


the back does NOT work now. 
we put the light in and the hole we drilled is on the wrong side. 
also I hate the back painted turquoise. 
it is just TOO much.
and I broke a glass shelf...joy

so ideas that are floating around:
fine gauge chicken wire
flipping back over and spray painting it white which would show the plywood grain


this post is now linked to DIY day at Kimba's "A Soft Place to Land"

January 4, 2010

the schedule- hearth keeper 'over haul'

I sat down last week and came up with the best "schedule" I could considering I *hate* scheduling.

We started today and it is going far better than I could have dreamed! So far we are running an hour ahead and I have not napped which is HUGE since I got very little sleep last night.

5 am 
wake up for Hubby and I.
get breakfast going, make Hubby's lunch
make our bed
start laundry
5:30-6 am 
family up, eat, Bible time
6 am 
Hubby off to work
clean up breakfast, 15 min pick up of living room
children do "bedroom" chores, shower, dress
 final tidy of bathrooms
8 am- 12 pm 
school time for all 3 children. 
Mom's reading time or exercise and Bible 30 minutes

1 pm
lunch clean up
quiet reading time/ read  aloud
free time

3 pm
quick tidy of house
prepare for **evening activities**
wait for Hubby to arrive
free time

5-6 pm dinner
leave for **evening activities**

8-9 pm
20 min of Bible time
prepare children for bed
couple time

**evening activities**
Karate- Tuesday
AWANA- Wednesday
Men's Fraternity- Thrusday

This is a Tuesday through Friday schedule. Mondays we go to fine art classes so we miss "school, lunch, quiet time" at the house. We are trying to figure out a way to add some sort of school back in on Monday. That is the only draw back we have found to full time computer schooling since the laptop died.  Maybe a trip to the library for some special reading material for those days and a report is in order. Maybe learning a handiwork skill. Whatever we do there are 6+ hours of time that needs filled for 2 of the 3 children waiting on classes.

The best comment today was  my oldest  daughter telling me "the house runs so much smoother doing it this way".  She is right. It has been a better day with less fighting, stress, mess, and me yelling. :)
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