July 24, 2009

Spider story

Last week, before the emergency road trip, I was in a cleaning flurry. When I had finished up everything and we settled down to rest for the evening I sent my oldest daughter to my room to grab something for me. She flipped on the light, crossed the room to fetch said something and started back to the living room. That is when she screamed. I mean a blood curdling think someone just killed her scream!

Hubby was already upset because she had already screamed earlier...for fun...and he was no in the mood for more 'fun'. Peanut just would not stop and finally stammered "spider!" She was pointing at the wall by the door she had just used. Hubby got up thinking of the little house spiders we have this summer...

That is when Hubby jumped and about screamed! I got up to look and there under our light switch (a 3 switch style) were HUGE legs sticking out a good 2-3 inches!!! We grabbed the bug spray and dosed the switch and the legs retreated. My hubby the Sparky grabbed his tools and swiftly removed the switch plate while I stood ready with the vacuum.

The spider was taking up the whole box! It slowly crawled out and onto the wall where I tried to suck it into the vacuum. It was strong enough to resist!! But I won!

More bug spray was applied to the box and the plate replaced. I teased Hubby that he is paid to stick his hands in places spiders may be and here he was afraid. He said he is afraid to see them not to stick his hands in the holes to grab wires. He teased me back knowing I would have issues with sleeping in our room. He was right...I barely slept that night.

The next day we dumped the vacuum in the big trash to see if we could see the spider. It took a minute to find it but WOW was it huge! The body was about 1-2 in long and 1/2 inch across. Even dead with its legs curled up it was still 3 inches across. We guess the beast was about 6-8 inches across the legs when alive. Not sure what type it was...don't really care!

Glad it is not in my house anymore!!

July 23, 2009

Lazy summer day

God is giving North Texas a break from the blast furnace we have been enduring ! It is beautifully cloudy with on and off again rain and temps hovering in the mid 80s.

I am so grateful for this break in the weather. I was able to mow the yard last night without feeling like I was melting. My plants are trying to make a come back from being baked by the 106+ temps the last weeks.

My house is clean, school is done and graded and my children are playing nicely. I am even keeping up with laundry for once. Life is good!

I have been catching up on my favorite blogs for the last hour. It is amazing how much I have missed being gone! New babies, craft projects I can only dream of making, summer trips... so much to read!

I think it is time for a good book under a snugly blanket in the recliner or maybe I'll get the kids and watch some videos on Answers In Genesis.

July 21, 2009


Tonight that is one of the best words I can hear. HOME!!!!

We got in late last night after a very bumpy flight from Denver...well the flight from Billings to Denver was sorta bumpy too...but man from Denver home that plane was shaking and jumping side to side. My tummy was so sick. Hubby was lost in his word search. Peanut thought it was the best 'roller coaster' ride on an airplane and can we do it again?! UH NO. I hate roller coasters and flying.

Upon arriving at work this morning we discovered Hubby has lost his work phone on the trip. We know it is somewhere between NM and MT...maybe. Hubby's boss is in the hospital today with a possible case of spinal meningitis. Hubby had it in 2000 and is highly susceptible so prayers on that please! And a week of eating out 2-3 meals a deal has made me sick as a dog. If I don't see a restaurant again this year it would be wonderful!

Our bed never felt better after a week of couch and recliner sleeping! Now if I can get my body adjusted back to Texas time and go get in my bed and sleep it will be awesome! hubby is already in there and snoring away...lucky guy can fall asleep in seconds any where he is

Tomorrow (or is it today already?) I am taking my little ones to the Dr to be tested for any clotting/blood issues since Hubby's father died of them along with 3 uncles...better safe than sorry. Hubby will be tested as soon as his new insurance kicks in Aug 1.
for those interested in BIL's health... he was to have his surgery today but he spiked a fever last night. the Dr was going to move ahead with surgery but when the fever jumped in OR they canceled it completely and decided he will get his nose repaired after he leaves the hosp. the infection source is not known yet (that I know) but is suspected to be the Pic line, UTI, or the broken area of the nose. high powered antibiotics were started anyways.

July 19, 2009

still here and the full story

We are still here in Montana.
We have been making the hour drive into the city to see BIL daily. Spend most of the day there but the kids get tired of sitting and the hotel SIL has is not much fun either.

I stayed at the house today with the kids to help clean house and do up all the laundry for SIL. Plus the 3 of us needed a break to just veg a bit. Tomorrow we will head to the city to catch a flight HOME! I miss my little ones back in Texas and we are all looking forward to our own beds.

I was told the whole story of BIL's collapse. It is was worse than we thought.

BIL was in the bathroom and felt off with his heart/breathing. He was having what was thought to be heart issues for a few months and was in the process of adjusting meds with his Dr. He made it to his room but passed out hitting the foot board of the bed very hard. His 8 yr old son was standing there and saw it all so he screamed for SIL. She came in to find her hubby in a pool of blood, unconscious and having seizures. She called 911 immediately. He was out about 10 minutes and turned grayish for a bit before the EMTs arrived to find BIL with no blood pressure. He revived without medical help and was rushed to the city an hour away. Dr's there thought it was still his heart and meds and wanted to send him home. Luckily SIL would not allow it. A new Dr came on duty in the morning and asked the 'right question'..."Do you hurt anywhere besides the broken nose?" and BIL was like "yeah, the back of my legs hurt..." That was all it took and he was rushed to MRI. Massive clots were seen in his lungs and legs. The Dr gave SIL a brief update and got authorized for surgery. BIL was in surgery minutes later.

The hospital/EMTs were shocked he was alive after the first episode; the general surgeon thinks the fall broke loose a clot from the heart or lungs and actually saved his life.

On Tuesday of next week a plastic surgeon will operate on BIL's nose rebreaking it, correctly possitioning it, and 'roto-rooter' out the bone fragments that are completely blocking his left nostril. The scarey part is BIL must be off blood thinners 24 hours prior to surgery and there is a high chance of more clotting. Also the filter in his artery may need removed sooner than later as he was still clotting heavily and it may be 'full'.

We are grateful for your thoughts and prayers.
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