October 7, 2009

Happy birthday Peanut!

October is birthday month in our house!
Peanut started it all 11 yrs ago today.

We were just settling into living in Seattle (quite a change from Texas I must say!)
It was a cool fall morning when we went to the hospital for the induction. We were scared and excited as we waited on our first born to make her appearance. The nurses started the cytotex gel and our OB told us to go eat breakfast as he had another mom in labor and a c-section before me. We ate at Denny's. I labored. We walked around the hospital. I labored. We got back to a room at 1pm and the Dr was still busy. Sometime that afternoon I finally was far enough along to get an epidural and I slept .About 5pm or so the Dr was available so he broke me water and then I slept.  Hubby left to go eat because the Dr said I had plenty of time left. I woke up minutes after he left and called the nurse. Something felt weird. She assured me it was just the epidural wearing off but checked me anyways. She found Peanut was fully crowning! Things were nuts after that! Nurses prepping, Dr (wearing a chicken feather jacket) coming in, Hubby being dragged from his just purchased dinner, my mom trying to sneak into the room... but just moments later I was handed my daughter at 7:56pm PST.

She was born with perfect ivory skin, dark auburn hair, with sapphire blue eyes and weighing in at 6.13 lbs and 19 inches long. So tiny. So perfect. It was love at first sight!

Today she is a young lady. She is not so small anymore! In fact she is just 6 inches shorter than I am. Her auburn hair turned blond and her sapphire blues eyes are now a deep soulful golden brown. Our love for her has grown so much. Our little Peanut. Our first born.

October 4, 2009

happy birthday Bub

my 'baby' is 4 today
Where did the time go?!
He is all boy. Definitely nothing like his older sisters were. Rough and tumble yet still Momma's boy.

 He towers over the other children. The adults all ask if we are sure he is not maybe 6 yrs old... then they see Mr T standing near talking. All 6'8 of him. Then they give me another once over and I get "hey you're not so short yourself." Uh no, I am 5'10. "Bub is gonna be tall, don't cha think?" stammer the onlookers.

Yeah. he is. ;)
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"Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy." Psalm 126:5