October 9, 2007


NO More parks EVER!
last time we went to a park my son got into fire ants and had 40+ bites on his feet.so yesterday we go back to said park to throw our oldest daughter a suprise birthday! yeah! party party party with the hs group. ate lots. talked lots! fun timesthen as we are wrapping it up ds goes over where the big boys are having a swinging contest. my mom tells me he will get hit being over there.before I can move he walks behind the boys. mom yells at him to move. so he stops and turns to her. and BOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is hit by a big boy going very fast! the swing/bottom hits him in the base of the skull sending him flying 2ft into the air. he lands on his head and his body bends back over his head. he falls hard onto the ground not moving.mom gets there before me and grabs him. he whimpers. I pick him up and he gives a good cry and falls back passed out. his face is bleeding, he looks like ground hamburger. I shake him gently as I try to get him up to my body (he was fallin back away from me) and he wakes and cries. the hs moms try to clean him up but he is screaming at them. his face is swellingI called dh and said we are going to the ER. in the car ds passes out and I can't wake him. stop and dh meets us and he calls 911.ambulance takes us to ER. ds is still out but opens his eyes a bit if he is pushed. 2 hrs he is passed out!head ct-scan. NORMAL!!!!! (minus a sinus infection)they never bother to check the rest of him.sent home. 5 hrs of wasted timetoday he is bruised. his foot is swollen. he is very aggressive and biting/hitting. NOT normal. see his dr. she looks him over and sends us for more x-rays. she can hear a 'wet' noise in his lungs. great.oh, and the dr just called and scheduled him for his adnoids/tonsils to come out Oct 26th. I told them he was sick. the nurse said he was still going on the books. if still sick on the 24th pre-op check we can reschedule.*THAT* is the weekend hubby and I are to go camping/off roading ALONE. he is mad.and hubby calls today. he thinks he has a groin hernia. great. he either coughed too much or got it at the park yesterday helping me.argh!!!!!
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