January 14, 2009


it seems birth certificates are not that easy to get. *grumble*

hubby is working on it.

it also seems babysitters are hard to come by
we have too many children to go to one home...3
no one has a car big enough to take our children and their children in at once.
oh and we have girls and our friends have boys...no missing the sexes for overnights thank you

this will not stop me!

prayer request for busy season

I am not sure how much I will be online after tomorrow for oh about 13 wks.

*I am starting a mentoring class in the morning with my 'spiritual mom' so that I will be better able to help all the ladies coming to me for advice because how our marriage used to be and how God changed it. This will be a weekly thing on Thursday mornings

Pray God uses this to help reach others who are hurting and give them His hope.

*Then Friday night we are starting Connected Hearts, a healing ministry for people with past issues and letting go with God. Hubby is very nervous about this as he does not remember his childhood and he knows he has anger issues and such. It is a big deal that he ASKED me to go with him through this. We will be in a 2 day intensive then it will be Thursday nights

Pray God uses this for a mighty change in both of us.

*Sunday night we are starting Financial Peace University!! We are so ready to be putting our money to work for us and God and start uses the huge increase in pay that God gave dh to help others! This will be Sunday nights for 13 wks. We will be missing our regular Sunday night small group while we are in this and that makes us a bit sad. We have not missed small group since starting with the church in June.

pray God uses our new found knowledge of finances to bless as many people as we can

*co-op starts around Jan 26 and I am teaching History to the olders.

pray my nerves hold out. there are a few dc that are well, not calm

and last but not least!!

*I AM HAVING MY SURGERY!! We are just waiting on the refund check from taxes and then we are so gone! Hubby is getting 3 W2s this yr to turn in and it is making me nuts with waiting so long! So he says by the end of Feb at latest I should have my tubal ligation reversed and be whole again!

pray God will bless us by restoring my body

January 13, 2009


WND Exclusive
Stung! Abortionist fakes sonogram to avoid age limit
Undercover investigation reveals business skirting state law

Posted: January 12, 2009
9:35 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

While Kansas doctor George Tiller is still fighting accusations of illegally aborting 19 viable babies, an undercover sting operation conducted by a pro-life organization revealed his clinic intentionally underestimating fetal age and viability to dodge state laws.

According to a sworn statement, a pregnant mother calling herself "Shaye" received a sonogram from Tiller's clinic determining her baby was beyond the allowed legal age of abortion, but the test's administrator "threw it into a trashcan" and recalculated a lesser gestational age. The clinic scheduled Shaye for an abortion four days later.

Shaye, working undercover with the pro-life organization Operation Rescue, later that day received two additional sonograms from other medical centers, both showing the baby beyond the legal abortion age. Further, even at the age recalculated by Tiller's clinic, the abortion four days later would have still been beyond the age of viability.

"This evidence warrants further investigation by law enforcement authorities," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman in a statement on ChristianNewsWire. "This is convincing proof that, in spite of already facing 19 criminal charges, Tiller continues to flout the law to the danger of women and their babies."

As WND reported, Tiller, whose abortion work was featured in a recent profile by WND columnist Jack Cashill, faces accusations for aborting viable babies without obtaining the legally required, independent second opinion affirming the medical necessity for late-term abortions.

(Story continues below)

According to Kansas law, if a clinic determines a fetus past the age of viability – a gestational age of 22 weeks, or 23 with sonogram equipment – a second, independent physician must agree that the abortion is medically necessary.

When Shaye entered Tiller's Women's Health Care Services in Wichita, however, the sonogram showed her baby to be nearly 25 weeks. According to Shaye's statement:

The woman who gave me the ultrasound at WHCS was Lindsey Alejandro. She informed me that my baby was 24 weeks, 6 days gestation. I told her that I did not think I could be that far along, so she told me she was going to try something else.

At that point, Ms. Alejandro tore off the ultrasound photo that showed 24 weeks, 6 days gestation and threw it into a trashcan. She remeasured the baby from another angle and the measurements came up as 23 weeks gestation.

Ms. Alejandro told me that I could have the abortion because it is a woman's choice up until 24 weeks.

A video created by Operation Rescue detailing Shaye's account can be seen below:

"The evidence shows there is no doubt," said Newman, "that fetal ages and viability are being intentionally misstated by WHCS in order to do abortions that would otherwise be illegal."

Shaye did not receive the abortion, only because she did not keep her abortion appointment.

In court testimony last week, following a six-week break in the Tiller case, former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline said that he had discovered evidence that Planned Parenthood had conspired to circumvent Kansas abortion law by referring women to Tiller for late-term procedures, even though the women were over legal threshold of 22 weeks gestation.

If convicted in the ongoing case, Tiller could face 19 years in jail.

oh joy!

My new replacement crock pot came!

UPS showed up in the front yard and I was like 'oh I haven't ordered anything so don't go to the door kids.' Sure enough the UPS lady came to my door and dropped off a large heavy box.

I just pulled open the top of the outer box and saw my crock pot!!

I am so hoping UPS lady didn't break the crock as hard as she dropped it.

Now, what to cook first???

hmm, there is 5 lbs of frozen ground beef in the freezer... I feel a batch of 'meat sauce' coming up!

January 12, 2009

getting ready

I am starting to make my list of everything I will need for this surgery.

payment of $2500 plus extra
birth certificates for hubby and I
belly pillow
Tylenol PM
sitter to watch the kiddos for 3-4 days
meals in the freezer for 1 week
driving directions to Mexico
house cleaned
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