September 19, 2012

Weight loss "competion" between Hubby and I

3 wks ago the Dr gave me a med to help get my metabolism to start working again. She also told me of an herbal combo that would help too.

In the first week I lost 9 lbs bringing me down from 214 to 206/205 and I was "stuck". I was very upset but I noticed something that made that "little" amount worth it... my clothes don't fit! My skirts are 38 in waists and USED to be tight in the hips and waist. Now they slide off without unbuttoning! My new size 16 shorts are the same way. I'm now down to 202 and really starting to feel good! I've eating healthy small meals and plan to start riding bikes and walking in the mornings once things settle down a bit.

Hubby started the herbal combo and in two weeks he's dropped 7 lbs. I'm not sharing his weight as that's not my place but he is looking good too!

The Dr thinks I need to drop about 50-60 lbs to be the right size for my 5'10 frame. I think that is too thin (I've btdt and looked like a stick!) so I am aiming for my around 170lbs because I have a lots of muscle.
Hubs thinks he could stand to loose the same amount.

So who will hit the goal first?

My guess is Hubs. Once he has knee surgery and is back to his active self at work he will drop weight like no one's business! But I'm going to try and give him a run for it!

A few pics to show where I've come from...
Please be gentle with me I know I let myself go between having babies, surgeries, and depressions.

My Senior Yr pic.
I was maybe 120lbs

clothes shopping in August
weight 212-215lbs
Sept 18, 2012
the 38 in waist of this skirt is barely staying on my hips!

September 18, 2012

strep, surgery, school, and swimming

What a few weeks its been since I was last on a computer! I tried to blog from my new Kindle Fire but it is giving me trouble with blogger (won't scroll).

To recap-

Bub caught strep throat and was pretty miserable until his antibiotics kicked in. A week later Princess caught it and even on meds she couldn't break her high fever and was getting so sick we had to see the DR for a steroid shot and antibiotic shot. That didn't have much effect for another 48 hrs poor thing. :( Another week later Oldest claimed her throat was hurting. UGH! Call tot he DR and meds kept her from getting too bad.
Whatever strain they had scared us with it spreading to others even on antibiotics, strict quarantines and tons of sanitizing.

The hubs tore his meniscus and patella tendons somehow about 7 wks ago and due to many issues beyond our control he is still awaiting surgery. He is scheduled for a week Friday which will make it over 8 wks to be walking around on ripped tendons and a knee swelled up like a watermelon.

I had my thyroid scan done for the year and PRAISE GOD they couldn't find one of the lumps and the other lump shrank from 9 to 7/8mm!  I haven't seen the Endo for the official word because of dealing with Hubby's injury but my PCP upped my thyroid med because it seems to be working.

We started back to school after a very short summer break. Oldest daughter is doing 8th grade English, History and Geography, Science and Bible with 9th grade Math. Princess is doing 5th grade English, History and Geography, Science and Bible with 6th grade Math. Bub is doing first grade Math but refusing to show us how much he can read so he will be starting tutoring 2 days a week.  I didn't teach the girls to read and the way I learned (sight words) isn't the method used now days. I really don't get phonics leaving us both frustrated. SIGH.

And because we don't have enough going on the girls are on the USA swim team 3 days a week. Princess started ballet on Mondays. Bub joined Boy Scouts. Hubs and I joined a marriage class at church. Hubby teaches two nights a week. And of course church on Sundays. Sounds like a ton of work but thankfully all activities are within blocks of each other and only a couple hours at evening.
What was that about home schooled kids aren't socialized!?

my new Tiger Scout!

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