May 14, 2010

my Hubby...


Hubby has been substitute teaching and tutoring at the local branch of IEC for the last year on weeknights and weekends. It has meant a small loss of family time but amazingly he has only been called to come up there when we needed the money the most. Isn't God good that way?! This week the school asked him to teach full time next year!! He will teach first year classes and still fill in if needed as a substitute or tutor. He knows he will be full time for the first half of the year and depending on the drop out rate is if he will stay on full time the other half.

I am so proud!
This is a huge blessing to our family's finances we have been praying for!!

May 11, 2010

coiled rope baskets

I was looking for something for the girls to do on our road trip
 besides watching movies, whining, and fighting
when I remembered the coiled rope baskets I made in high school.

So I grabbed some jute rope left over from my jute jug project.

Some yarn we had from our feeble attempts at "Knifty Knitting"

And instructions from here

 using a large plastic purple Knifty Knitter needle for the stitching
sorry no pic!

I got Peanut started with the first 2 rows and left her to it.
Princess is now wanting a go
but she has to wait til I get another plastic needle.

The house is quiet with Peanut concentrating on
wrap, wrap, wrap, figure 8
wrap, wrap, wrap, figure 8...

Why didn't I do earlier?! 
Quiet hand work
Projects they will be proud of
gifts for the Grandmas

images courtesy of

May 9, 2010

2 NOPE now 3 new projects!!!

I posted that last week I picked up my first curbside freebie... and here it is in all faux stone glory!
Pics don't do justice to the sandpaper texture of the paint.



This looks like a wall shelf someone glued onto the top


I am thinking about cutting out the upper drawers and making that whole area into book shelves. The dresser is about 5 ft tall and having kids climb to look into drawers doesn't feel too safe. Maybe bead board the back? Still undecided on the color. It will be going into the playroom with buttery yellow walls so I can have some fun with color. Any suggestions?

I picked up a large glass jar at Hobby Lobby a while back. It had a twin until someone knocked it off my dresser. Sorry about no before pics. It measures about 16 inches tall and 9 inches at its widest part.

I was back in Hobby Lobby on Friday searched for things to make a coiled rope basket and found a 400 ft roll of heavy jute rope. So I grabbed it for the basket and remembered the jar sitting pitifully in the floor of my room stuffed with hair bow making supplies and had an idea. About 9pm that night I grabbed my glue gun, jar and rope flipped on some British comedies and settled in.  Only 2 episodes later of "Keeping Up Appearances" I was done!
I started wrapping and gluing on the bottom completely covering it and my fingers with hot glue and jute.

Today I was looking at my new twine wrapped jug and decided it still needed a little something. In came Hubby's new leather boot laces to the rescue! Sorry Hubs. I wrapped the jug's neck and had Hubby tie a nice knot. Perfect!

Now what should I put in it?!

Totally forgot to mention project #3!!! I am making "drop cloth curtains" just like The Lettered Cottage made. Picked up a 6x9 drop cloth at Lowe's today for around $10, clips rings (2 packs) for $5/pack, and a oil rubbed bronze shower curtain rod (yes you heard that right!) The curtain needs shortened and will go between the main part of the house and the rabbit room to hopefully contain the fur our real dust bunnies enjoy making! Once hemmed (with hem tape cause my machine is possessed) I will have plenty of drop cloth to make pillows but more plain like these on the newly slipped couch of Where the Heart is maybe painted up like this ottoman by Mustard Seed Creations.
The possibilities are ENDLESS!
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