March 1, 2013

what a year so far!

I keep meaning to get online and post updates. I just can't make myself sit down and take the time and really I forget til its so late (like now at 11pm!) that I am not thinking straight.
So enjoy along rambling post :)

Since my last post we have celebrated 15 years of marriage! It was a special day not just because it was 12-12-12 but our younger daughter had her first dance recital for ballet :) My mother in law and my mom came from out of state to celebrate the holiday and see baby girl dance. We enjoyed Hubby having 11 days off by catching the flu with 4 of our 5.
I had it the worst because I just won't stay down and recover...
hey I'm mom and moms don't get sick leave!

January brought back all our normal activities of school, swim, scouts, ballet, and church. Then Princess added tap dancing to her dance schedule. We spend 5 days in another town now out of the week and we really need to move as soon as we possibly can.

The kids are trying to meet our insurance deductible in record time this year as well. GAH! Boy had a sudden breathing issue that had him wheezing, grunting, and gasping for air and when a neb treatment didn't help a trip to the ER was called for. The dr said he probably wasn't sick and thanks to a weather front they were seeing lots of "asthma" that week. He has never had asthma so whatever. A week later Princess was playing with the dogs and turned into the TV dresser so hard she broke her nose! AND a week after that she got mad at her brother for making noises while she was doing school that in her haste to quiet him down she ripped a huge deep hole open in her foot! It was so not a phone call a mom wants "I'm bleeding and it won't stop!" I stopped my errands and ran her to our dr who stitched her right up. She had her stitches out on Monday and is healing well. Thanks to all the dr visits we have also had all of our well checks for the year and everyone is healthy... look for the bright side of things right!?

I lost ALMOST 30 POUNDS! Yeppers!
I went from 215 to 188lb and I feel so good!!
My clothes went from XXLT to MEDIUM in tops and a 18/20 in pants to a 13/14.
Now my new problem is finding things to fit and I can deal with that :)

I finally saw my family dr about the loss. He referred me to a doctor friend of his who does "fertility" care not "INfertility" care. Understand? Me either ;) All I know is he is a well respected OBGYN with several specialities for over 30 yrs and comes well spoken of.  He ordered blood work because he believes I have a "corpus lutum cyst failure" and my progesterone came back at 0.9 on day 21 (normal is over 15). He started me on the drug combo of metformin 1500 and clomid 50. I just had blood work done 2 weeks ago and my progesterone was 35.4! so something worked/helped I hope. I will see him next week for more info and what's next.

I have been working on projects around the house I can't wait to show! I've been replacing the door trim with nice 1x4 boards. I have 1x6 boards to use for baseboards...someday.  I did prime my room in a frenzied day while Hubby was gone to WY last week. It looks so much better and BRIGHTER! Almost too bright but I have to wait to paint until he is gone again so the room can be basically unused and the smell will be gone. My painting explanded to furniture as well. The two cane chairs are French Linen now, a dresser is on its way to an omage to Downton Abby complete with sparkly new pulls, a desk is 80% painted, the dresser under the TV is DONE, and my kitchen table and chairs have taken the plunge into milk paint!

I have decrappified so much junk my closet is actually looking a wee bit empty. I think I have filled my Durango with at least 4-5 full loads that went to donations or permanent storage. We took this whole "Decrappify 2013" to a whole nother level when we spent the weekend outside and emptied, purged and then TORE DOWN our storage building! It was rotten and nasty. Well over due! In 2 days we hauled over 7,000 lbs to the dump! (got to love cheap dump month!!) We also cut down 2 trees. Our weeping willow died from the drought and fell over in a wind storm in Jan and our poor old hollow pear tree that mainly fed the wasps and rodents.

I need to add pics. All the things I have talked about are worthless without them!

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