February 4, 2012

whew glad that is over!

In the span of 2 weeks my girls both got braces and one of them visited the ER twice in 2 days. My oldest started the braces trend and was in so much pain little sister almost didn't want to get her's done. A few days later we headed back to the orthodontist for spacers on 4 of Princess' molars to prep for her dental work. 8 days later she has more gear in her mouth than big sister but not as much pain. Go figure!

The braces pain caused oldest to not eat as much for that first week and she started feeling run down. Then this week she started passing out and complaing of rapid heart beat and chest pains. I witnessed one black out but blew it off as we were all tired from our predawn trip to the city for Princess' braces. A few hrs later when I needed to run errands and oldest would not wake easy I knew something was up.

Jumped in the truck to run to town and she just could not stay awake. I called her doctor and they agreed she needed to be seen by a cardiologist and would set it up. During that 20 minute drive she woke a few times with lots of complaints of pain and heart racing and passed out several times. More calls to the doctor and off to the ER we went.

The ER rushed her in to CT Scan on her head, chest x-ray, blood work and EKG. Her Bp hovered at 99/46 and her heart rate jumped wildly if she moved from the 60s to over 120. Many hours later and no Rx but a "clear bill of health" from a pedi cardiologist at the local children's hospital we went home. The ER doctor was willing to keep her if we wanted but we declined. We barely left the parking lot before she was complaining of a new pain in her chest. Hubby was out of town so we spent a restless night piled in my bed waiting on dawn and friends who could child sit.

The next morning (Wednesday) we headed to the ER of the children's hospital as per the last ER doctor's instructions. 3 hours in triage sitting next to kids with obvious Whooping Cough was NOT fun. Once we finally were seen the doctor really just blew us off and told us she was "just dehydrated because all teenagers don't drink enough fluids". I argued that MY daughter does but the doctor wasn't hearing it. They hydrated her and sent us home.

Thursday morning she passed out a few more times and I thanked God we had an appointment with a pedi cardiologist on Friday. Turns out that doctor saw my younger daughter for her hole in her heart and did the genetic testing on all 3 kids for clotting disorders a few years ago! We saw him for 3 hours and she was given a u/s of her heart and another EKG.

Finally an Rx!! Extremely low Bp. We now have a plan of action and she is feeling better.
Praise God for putting us with a doctor who knew us and would listen!!
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