December 17, 2008

oldest in ER. again

we just got home-
long story short is that she woke up vomiting and having diarrhea with stomach pain yesterday. yesterday afternoon she passed something that was about 1-2 in long by 1/2 in wide and look like a piece of flesh. (think chicken breast cut that size floating in water) and a blood clot about a quarter sized

as the day wore on pain got worse.
she can't eat now without pain. she got dehydrated. pain is really bad. tummy is swollen under belly button. her face was swollen

so we went to ER this afternoon after calling the GI Dr.
they gave her IV fluid and her color came back
gave her zofran for tummy

the ER Dr wanted to admit her but the GI (not ours) would not allow it.

hubby is mad. fed up. tired of taking her in PAIN to drs and being blown off...cause they don't have her records, cause her blood work is normal, cause they just can NOT find it quickly, cause (as tonight) he is not her Dr and since she has a standing appt tomorrow there was no reason to keep her

so he is taking tomorrow off work to take her to the GI clinic for her scheduled appt at 8:45am

we ate before we came home. she was in instant pain

ER Dr thinks it is small intestine polyps based on what I saw her pass and the area of pain

December 16, 2008

500 visitors!


The contract came through with the asphalt company!

Hubby has a new job waiting on him!
He is going to give notice tomorrow and most likely will be told to go ahead and leave and not take the 2 wks.

This is such an awesome God thing!

Hubby will be making $18K more a year than he has been.
I am crying. We can afford to fix the house up. We can afford to help more people! We will be able to be DEBT FREE this year!

Thank you God for providing!

Blog Give Away winners!

That is right! BOTH of y'all won!
I will email and call you for info and get your prize in the mail!


Loving those 'end of season' deals!

I went to the mall last night to get our oldest daughter and outfit to wear for her Christmas bell ringing performance. Of course they were sold out of the really cute dresses but I kept looking.

We finally ended up in Dillard's and wow! what a sale!
We picked up turtlenecks and jean skirts for almost 50% off! I didn't pay more than $10 for a shirt and the skirts were $14. Normally we can never find clothes for her on sale...well, normally we can barely find any clothes for her! She is in the in between stage. Too tall and skinny for little girls' clothes. Not 'built' yet for the bigger girls' things. The joys of being a 5'3 10 yr.

But I don't get it...
This is the MIDDLE of December and they were selling all winter clothes and stocking SHORTS and T-SHIRTS! WHAT?!!! Here in North TX is is just starting to get cold. I mean we got ice last night for the first time this year! Makes no sense. They sell winter clothes and it is still 100 degrees outside. It hits 25 degrees and it is shorts time.

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