July 9, 2009

how redneck...err clever of me

In an effort to cut down on the time my clothes dryer is running I have taking to hanging my laundry outside. Oh, you say that you do that all the time...nothing like sheets on the clothes line waving in the wind...

Well, I don't have a clothes line yet. So I am going redneck :)
My freshly washed garments are hanging under my carport on hangers LOL!
Even my pillows I washed are on pants hangers.
Mmmm, smell the freshness?

Dry time in this Texas heat is just minutes and under the carport they are safe from birds.
Hubby is happy that just the few loads going outside has helped cut our electric bill for last month by about half!

It is a good thing!

July 8, 2009

Small compromises

Ever notice how easy it is to let the 'little' things slide? Whether it is training the children, talking with friends, watching TV or message boards on the internet it seems we can let things slip that normally we try so hard to avoid.

I was convicted not long ago of doing this. Our pastor was preaching about the 'small compromises' that the Israeli people made when God sent them to take control of the Promised Land when their years of wandering were over. They were to DRIVE OUT and DESTROY all evil influences (the pagan people in the land) and at first they did. They knew God was with them so they fought and won! Then they started just conquering but not killing the people, then trading and living with and finally they were living under the very people they were to have destroyed. Didn't end good. God was not pleased.

Well, it wasn't long after the pastor's speaking on this I was tested and failed. I was on message boards were things were talked about that if that was in person, well, I would have walked off red faced and never able to look in their eyes again. I was witness to conversations that in my family's views crossed over the lines of p@rnography and religious bashing and I was mute because I did not want the 'heat' on me and my 'excuse'... I can't defend my positions in the moment of need at least not clearly. I sat with friends and during friendly chat things quickly turned to gossip yet I was silent because I was afraid to offend. I let training my children relax just a bit because I was tired of hearing how 'hard' I am on the children...now my children are back to fighting and sassing arguing. It will take a lot of work to get back to where we were.

I hate confrontation. I am a 'people pleaser' but as a Christian I can not be that way. I must be a GOD PLEASER.

I don't know what all damage will come from these small compromises.
I do know that I have repented and confessed to God my failings and I am forgiven. I have informed my mentor of a need for training for WHEN this happens again. I will be prepared.

Being a true follower of Christ is not a popularity contest. If I am silent on His Word then who will speak the truth in love?!

July 6, 2009

Company's coming!

We got a call on Sunday that Hubby's mom is making the long trip down from Montana this week for a visit. She is going to stay in town for 6 days and then head out for her high school reunion in west Texas. She will definitely get a weather shock coming down south as we are very hot and very dry this summer. Maybe she will bring some nice northern summer weather with her. One can always hope!

Anyways, this visit is setting off a flurry of cleaning and preparing (and grumbling for having to do all this) Those that did not want to clean lost a few privileges already and we still have 4 more days to go. UH OH. Hope they shape up quick.

Well, time for lunch and a bit more cleaning while school is going on. I am thankful that my girls do love their school and are doing awesome with online work! It is allowing me to get things done while they are learning and that is a huge relief.
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