August 25, 2007

HS- take 2

day 2-
Tonight hubby sat down again and started downloading the 'patch' and using the instructions. He has installed and uninstalled RC more times than I can count!

Still having the same problems.
After reading the RC site it looks like we will need to buy the upgraded version to fix our problem. So that is another $50 and a wait of 2-3 wks for the new cd to get here.

Looks like we are just drilling the math facts until then. I do have some of the books the girls are supposed to read (MUCH later). Guess I will get the oldest started on the 'LIttle Women' series. I hate working out of order.

August 24, 2007

more changes

Last night I got sick of my naturally frizzy hair so I went to my hairdresser and had her straighten it! Oh the joy! I can run my fingers thru it! I did not have to get up and spend an hour curling it only to have it PUFF on me an hour later!!! I love it! I just hope it stays so easy and straight as I have had it done before and 3 days later it was puffy again. We will see.
I may post a pic if I can figure out how

And today I quit babysitting!
Last night hubby told me I had to quit babysitting NOW after he came home and saw the bite mark left on our son by the 2yrob I was watching. Yesterday the boy bit our son twice, oldest twice, his brother twice, and then tried to choke my 3 and hit/push everyone.He had problems with biting before but I could put him in time out (only thing his parents allow as punishment) and he would stop. Yesterday he was not stopping anything even with me sitting there. Time outs don't work for him and seemed to make him madder. All I heard was him yelling "NO!" when I tried to stop him or put him down for a nap.I had told the mom this yesterday and she was like 'put liquid soap in his mouth if he bites or says 'NO' again" LIQUID SOAP!!!? she said she puts in a "whole pump" of the stuff and that he fights her but she does it and he does not spit it out! I told hubby and he said I would not be doing that cause what if something happened after all soap is nasty chemicals and if he is not spitting it he could inhale. It would be my fault if something happened. That is when he said to quit.I have been wanting to stop babysitting for a week or so and did not have the nerve to call the mom and say so.But I did it! I just told her hubby is NOT happy that my not even 2 yro son has teeth marks and bruises were he was bit. She was not happy but claims she understands. She also says her son left pants here but I have not found them.such a relief! one less hassle to deal with during homeschool!! but now I get to tear apart my house looking for shorts that I never saw him wearing

a good child rearing website

this is an awesome site!
check it out

August 23, 2007

HS- take 1

day 1-
I got out my new Robinson Curriculum cds and set out to install the program and officially kick off our first year of homeschool. then I ran into trouble. I had bought the curriculum 2nd hand and there were no instructions on how to get started. I email my RC yahoo group and find out Windows XP has a 'glitch' and I must get a 'patch' and someone sent me the instructions.

3 hrs of trying to get it to work and still nothing!

it is official!

We have to upgrade in order for my RC Cd's to work. Oh well, life goes on! I have some books for them to read and I got my Saxon math book 54 yesterday! DD1 wants to start in it but she needs to learn division and multiplication. We are using Hooked On Phonics for dd2 and she is progressing really well. I am pleasantly surprised at how well one can learn to read on their own!! The Cd's make it so easy for her that she is learning to read about 10 new words a day...far more than when she was in PS!! Praise the Lord for home-school!
Hubby is now working his 12+ hr days 7 days a week. It is weird to not have him home 'on time' every afternoon. I am trying to make sure we are eating dinner together as a family but it is getting harder and harder. He never knows when he will walk in the door at night and it is hard making the toddler wait that long. He is not upset if we eat without him but I want to have as much family time as we can. Looks like I need to rearrange my schedule during the day so it does not seem like we are eating so late. He also wants us to do things when he gets home but bless his heart he falls asleep when he sits down after his shower. The hours and the heat are really getting to him.
Today we are going to try and get the whole house clean and some more dinners made and in the freezer to make the work week a bit easier. I am thinking I need to go thru the girls' clothes as we bought new skirt hangers yesterday and we used all 24 and they still have more in the laundry! I am not sure how their closet is going to hold everything. I hate to get rid of anything as they can still wear all of it and everything will go well into winter if we add some tights and a few turtle necks.
Praising the Lord for His provisions as we want for nothing.


Life is full of them. Some good. Some bad. Most are never what you thought they would be and certainly never expect!

This week has brought some changes to our home!

We have started homeschooling full time. We are preparing to pull the girls from public school next week with the official letters to the state and local school district. My oldest daughter has started reading "Little Women" and "Narnia". She is already done with the first "Narnia" book and moving rapidly thru the 2nd book. She is struggling a bit with the words in "Little Women" and finding it a bit boring. I have promised her that once she reads most of it I will rent the DVD and let her watch it. Maybe that will help her with the manner of speech of the 1800s.

Hubby has more work than he can do with is job thanks to a re-ordering of the company. Which is good and bad. The good is he is working massive amounts of overtime so the paychecks are nice. We will be able to finish up remodeling our home after all from the looks of things!! But of course so much overtime means he is not home but to eat and sleep and we are missing him dearly. The new stress of added jobs that the other workers left unfinished is starting to weigh heavily on his shoulders. Right now there is too much work and not enough men to cover it and this time of year hiring new help is hard to come by. We are praising God for once again providing for us!!

With starting school and soon 4H I have decided to declutter in a huge way. The children and myself are finding it hard to stay on task with school when there are piles that must be moved just to use the table, or laundry needing done, or biggest of all tons of toys cluttering the floor making it nearly impossible to walk without tripping and someone getting hurt. We have been talking for years about simplifying life. Getting down to the basics of what we 'need' instead of what we 'want' or think we need. It will be hardest on the kids as they are pack rats with enough toys for a dozen children crammed into their rooms. But I confess to owning things for the kitchen or for those formal dinners that I might someday have but in all honesty the things have not seen the light of day except when we packed for a move. I know there will be big objections on somethings as some see them as keepsakes or too valuable to get rid of. What is the value of things though when they are just taking up space, never used for fear of breaking them, or for 'someday when...' and someday never comes. It is time to stop hording up treasures on earth. Our excess it someone else's need.

But ask anyone here and the biggest change this week is with our toddler! We have always had issues with trying to get our children to go to bed as toddlers. With the girls hubby spent hours sitting by their beds until after a few months they could drift off to sleep on their own. Not something we were looking forward to with our son. Then a few nights ago he was very upset and crying because he had missed his daily nap and causing quite a scene. Without thinking I said "go to bed" and to hubby's and mine surprise he did! He went into our room and crawled into his bed, arranged his toys and covered up. Within minutes he was fast asleep! Since that night he has been easier to get to bed and we are hoping it continues. Time will tell.

We will be starting a new schedule come next week. I must get more organized if I am to home-school the children and get the house running properly. We need to be able to be on the go at a moments notice and be flexible enough to have late dinners if hubby's work schedule does not slow down.

I will probably post my schedule and ask for feed back as I am not very good at keeping on task.
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