February 4, 2011

Baby, it's still cold outside!

On top of the week's ice mess from Tuesday we now have SNOW

Last year we have snow every month of winter. Record breaking snows.
This year we are breaking records for the coldest temps EVER!
MR Ground Hog I sure hope you told the truth and "spring is on the way!"
else you and me are going out back of the shed for a talk.

I peel the potatoes...

(quick name that movie!) and the carrots, onions, garlic, turkey (from last post), seasonings and add gravy, corn, and green beans

To prove that YES sometimes I do cook ...

turkey pot pie
not my thing but Big Daddy loves it and I love spoiling him

February 3, 2011

one year

One year ago today I got the only glimpse of my new baby on this side of heaven

Just a few short hours later I was wheeled into surgery to save my life as my left ovarian tube slowly ripped open from the growth of our baby. My tube and life were saved but I lost a piece of my heart.

Sweet little one you are worshipping at the feet of our King! Perfect and whole in heaven! Praise God for sparing you the pain of this world. I will hold you in my heart til I am there to hold you forever.

February 1, 2011

Tx weather is Bipolar

Last Saturday the kids and I were in capris and shorts cleaning out the storage in 77 degree weather.
We even broke a sweat :)
We rewarded our hard work with our first family trip to the drive in.

We were seeing a double feature of
Yogi Bear (GREAT movie!) and the Green Hornet (TOTAL FAIL! UGH)

This place was HUGE with 4 screens

 In 3D

 2 movies and dinner/snacks -$60 not bad :)

Today, Tuesday, we woke up to ICE.
High temp of 16.
Windchill below ZERO

 One solid inch of the stuff!
This is not a snowy winter wonderland

So we are doing a bunch of this-

 and this-

ahhh... home school
bwahahaha!! ;)

and this

and that

*spatchcocked turkey*

and this

 and staying in jammies doing some Wii TV watching

MOM! stop taking pictures!!

stay warm y'all!

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"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" -Matthew 6:27

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