March 9, 2013

working around the house

Replacing the old nasty door trim with nice 1x4 boards.
We have already finished the hall doors :)

my handsome helper driving home the last nail

what I found when I pulled the kitchen door trim. hand painted ivy leaves.
who paints UNDER the trim!?

my helper dressed in-
river shoes
snoe gloves
hard hat
sweat pants and t-shirt
and his furry jacket
tools he required-
hammer and pry bar

March 8, 2013

french cane chairs

works in progress

52 week savings challenge!

I saw this going around on FB and then on Pinterest so I thought I would give it a go. Who doesn't need an extra $1,378.00!?!


We decided to up the ante and multiply by FOUR. A dollar for the parents and a dollar for each child. If we are faithful we should have  $5,512.00 come December and Hub's mandatory time off! We can take a real vacation or something!! WOOT!

I wanted a way to make sure we couldn't get to the money very easy so I chose an apple cider jug with a very small opening. I can just ease a quarter into it so shaking out money or trying to pull out dollars is not happening.

BONUS! Having a nice large glass container really helps to SEE the money building up. :) We are also adding in all spare change we find laying around... for non cash carrying people there sure is an abundance of it! LOL

So here we are... week TEN and I have only added to week EIGHT. I must fix that tomorrow.

Week numberFrom DateTo Date
Week 01
December 31, 2012
January 6, 2013
Week 02
January 7, 2013
January 13, 2013
Week 03
January 14, 2013
January 20, 2013
Week 04
January 21, 2013
January 27, 2013
Week 05
January 28, 2013
February 3, 2013
Week 06
February 4, 2013
February 10, 2013
Week 07
February 11, 2013
February 17, 2013
Week 08
February 18, 2013
February 24, 2013
Week 09
February 25, 2013
March 3, 2013
Week 10
March 4, 2013
March 10, 2013
Week 11March 11, 2013March 17, 2013
Week 12March 18, 2013March 24, 2013
Week 13March 25, 2013March 31, 2013
Week 14April 1, 2013April 7, 2013
Week 15April 8, 2013April 14, 2013
Week 16April 15, 2013April 21, 2013
Week 17April 22, 2013April 28, 2013
Week 18April 29, 2013May 5, 2013
Week 19May 6, 2013May 12, 2013
Week 20May 13, 2013May 19, 2013
Week 21May 20, 2013May 26, 2013
Week 22May 27, 2013June 2, 2013
Week 23June 3, 2013June 9, 2013
Week 24June 10, 2013June 16, 2013
Week 25June 17, 2013June 23, 2013
Week 26June 24, 2013June 30, 2013
Week 27July 1, 2013July 7, 2013
Week 28July 8, 2013July 14, 2013
Week 29July 15, 2013July 21, 2013
Week 30July 22, 2013July 28, 2013
Week 31July 29, 2013August 4, 2013
Week 32August 5, 2013August 11, 2013
Week 33August 12, 2013August 18, 2013
Week 34August 19, 2013August 25, 2013
Week 35August 26, 2013September 1, 2013
Week 36September 2, 2013September 8, 2013
Week 37September 9, 2013September 15, 2013
Week 38September 16, 2013September 22, 2013
Week 39September 23, 2013September 29, 2013
Week 40September 30, 2013October 6, 2013
Week 41October 7, 2013October 13, 2013
Week 42October 14, 2013October 20, 2013
Week 43October 21, 2013October 27, 2013
Week 44October 28, 2013November 3, 2013
Week 45November 4, 2013November 10, 2013
Week 46November 11, 2013November 17, 2013
Week 47November 18, 2013November 24, 2013
Week 48November 25, 2013December 1, 2013
Week 49December 2, 2013December 8, 2013
Week 50December 9, 2013December 15, 2013
Week 51December 16, 2013December 22, 2013
Week 52December 23, 2013December 29, 2013

March 7, 2013

decrappify 2013. baby steps y'all!

BEFORE- 3 drawers stuffed with movies!
thats the empty case trash pile growing on the right

ONE drawer of movies neatly in a multidisc DVD holder
a few of my movies that don't "go" with the case

 Baby steps towards LESS stuff! This dresser has 6 drawers and 3 shelves. 1 drawer all nice and neat! Next I will go through the others and hopefully purge even more!

March 6, 2013

Blue and Gold Banquet

Our Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet was 2 weeks ago. We enjoyed good brisket and fixings along with yummy cookies and 'nana puddin'.  We then honored our Scouts and a local dad who was headed to the War the next day. The Pack presented him with a large wool blanket signed by all the families with best wishes and prayers. It was humbling knowing he is willing to lay down his life for our safety and freedom. Our prayers are for a soon and safe return home for all of our fighting men and women!

Here are a few random pics...
Bub and I waiting to receive his awards
he won 2nd place in the Pine Wood Derby!
so many patches, belt loops and a pin!
his awards
cake we won in the auction... we donated it to our fire fighters who had judged the cakes.
this one won 2nd place!
another cake we won. this is the first place cake :)

at the fire house the Tigers who went with us got to play fireman!

when Bub realized he was getting awards Dad was called up and poor ol' mom was benched. LOL

March 5, 2013

getting skinny(er)

almost 30 lbs lighter

its fun trying on dresses that are a size MEDIUM!
I wish I had bought one of these but I'm still too afraid to be thin.
crazy huh!?

Valentine's dance

my sweet younger daughter

my beautiful oldest daughter
 Our local homeschool group had its first Valentine's Day dance. My girls rushed to get ready after just finishing swim (oldest) and dance (younger). I think they looked wonderful for the few minutes they had to prepare :)

I'm told they even danced with *gasp* boys! All friendly dancing in groups though :) No boyfriends around here!
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