October 18, 2008

2 costumes down 3 to go

We have the little man's costume as set to go. In fact he is wearing parts of it daily...if it wasn't so hot he would wear the whole thing all day.

He will be "Buzz Lightyear" complete with lights flashing and wings.

Hubby is going as *shock* an electrician! LOL We are trying to find a way to make him look like he was 'zapped' ...maybe some dry ice on his hard hat to make him looks like he is smoking hot...maybe a 'burn mark' somewhere.

I will probaly go as a housewife with the curlers and robe bit. Yeah I know not orginal but it is cheap.

The oldest wants to go as a waitress.

The middle wants to be a princess.

We'll see what we come up with.
Pics will posted after we are all set up and dressed up.
This should be a hoot

computers crashing

Well, the 3 hr reformatting of the laptop was unsuccessful. We are not sure how to fix it now. Hubby thinks most likely it is the video card going out. Who knows. It worked for hrs perfectly fine last night. Today the screen goes wonky in under 5 min.

We are also going to have to reformat the desktop as it is experiencing a 'fatal error' now with the firewall and 'new drivers' that were not installed.

If we can get this all done today I should be back online tomorrow at latest. Hopefully tonight.
The longest part of this is hubby trying to get everything copied to CD that we want to save. The computer is just not cooperating.

October 17, 2008

trunk or treat!

oh boy! what have I got myself into?
I signed up for the church's truck or treat this yr and I have never done one. We barely even 'do' Halloween. So now I must find 4 costumes and decorate my SUV and come up with some sort of games to play with the kiddies to get their treats. Hubby man is 6'8! Do you know how hard it will be to fit him in a costume!? LOL

2wks and counting
oh my.

October 16, 2008

look who's talking?

an Aussie cartoon


my favorite child rearing website

can't say enough about the lessons I have learned here.
I do NOT have to have unrulely, nasty, whiney, children!

wish I had found this site 10 yrs ago.
Would have saved alot of heart ache



Well, it is that time of year again. The weather is changing and finally cooling off. The birds are heading south. The leaves...well they are just dropping off the trees skipping the pesky colorful part. The squirrels are busy fighting over the few pecans on the trees as our summer was too dry to produce much.

Fall in North Texas is fast and almost uneventful. More of an after thought really than a season.

I miss FALL. A real fall. You know with beautiful changing leaves, cold crisp mornings, the smell of a woodfire burning somewhere in the night.

We lived in Washington state for a few years and that is what I call fall! The colors looked like God used every crayon in His box. The mornings were crisp with a light fog rolling in from the ocean. The mountains standing tall with their royal colors blazing in the light. It was perfect. If you didn't mind the rain! LOL ahhh...I can almost see it now.

I might not be able to have the scenery around here but I can have some of my other fall favs.
So this next week I am going to bake some fall favorites like apple pie and peanutbutter cookies. We will drag out the mums and put some color in the flower bed. Dust off the old scarcrow and put him in his place on the porch. Get the apple cider brewing and maybe break out the hot cocoa...course we may have to cracnk down the A/C to enjoy them ;)

Hopefully we can go camping soon so we can have smores and enjoy the slightly cooler temps before winter comes.

update to Covet prayers and PRAISE!

we are getting the FFS from our friends at church. they are going to help us to understand and be our accountability partners.I am just so blown away by this. I mean dh praying last night...I have heard him pray ONCE in our marriage and it was a "thank You God for what You do. You are awesome amen' no feeling, not earnest, not from the heart. this prayer was so much from the heart and dh sang God's praises even FOR putting him through this
my friend is going to teach me coupons and the grocery game too when we meetmy dh is so AWAKE now. normally he comes home and passes out on the couch. last night he referred Upwards football (2 games) 2hrs hours after working all day. then he came home watched tv, talked, and was awake till almost 12! such a burden is off him! he is so frisky now LOL he chases me and tickles and gooses me and kisses me...:)I feel like we are newly weds again!

8 steps to increase fertility

1. Maintain a healthy weight (and lose weight, if you’re overweight).
2. Avoid trans fat. Trans fat is typically found in stick margarine, fried foods and hydrogenated oil.
3. Stop eating excessive sugar and refined carbohydrates.
4. Consume more protein from vegetables rather than from animals. Good sources of vegetable protein include beans (all types) and lentils.
5. Eat fiber-rich foods. Best sources of fiber include vegetables, fruit and whole grains.
6. Consider taking a standard multivitamin.
7. Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes.
8. Consume one daily serving of full-fat dairy (i.e., 1 cup whole milk, full-fat yogurt, or 1-2 ounces cheese). That’s because a recent report showed full-fat dairy may help increase fertility in women more so than low-fat/nonfat dairy. That said, full-fat dairy is loaded with calories and saturated fat, thus I recommend you make only ONE of your daily servings full fat.

these are just the highlights check this link for the whole list

stuff to the gills

I am sitting here in my stuffed to the gills home wondering how I can pack more in. Or at least put away what is here instead of adding to the growing piles.

I am looking at closets that don't function to their fullest. A pantry that really isn't much more than a glorified dumping ground for the dirty clothes. A master bedroom with piles of things needing to find homes. Homeschool supplies bursting forth from the one cabinet we have that honestly would be better off in the trash.

Do we have too much stuff?
Should I just break down and part with it all?

I am not an organizer by any means. I am a neat freak in hiding. LOL Though one could not tell from the constant state of my home. Chaos makes me insane. Disorder drives me nuts. So how did I let things get like this!?

I married a 'messy' and we are raising 2 little 'messies'.
Oh dear!

I am better than I used to be. I used to hold on to every little thing. Now I am a tosser. I am ruthless with trash and out grown clothes and broken things. So again I ask "HOW DID IT GET THIS WAY!?"

I need ideas. I don't even know the first thing on making closets and rooms more functional. I don't have the funds to hire a pro to come in.

I look around and count my blessings for all this stuff. There are those that are without. Maybe that is my answer. A friend once said, "Your excess is someone else's need."

Well, time to stop grumping and start working on this wreck.
I do have things to sell and maybe I can convince my hubby to part with things that won't sell. One can always hope!

October 15, 2008

here is your sign

Signs and Wonders

"But He answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:
Signs and Wonders


The signs of healing and deliverance do follow believers who walk in genuine authority...but the sign Jesus spoke of has already been given and He said there would be no other.


What an insult to God to ask for another sign or an additional sign. "For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth."

"And the Pharisees came forth, and began to question with him, seeking of him a sign from heaven, tempting him. And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and said, Why doth this generation seek after a sign? verily I say unto you, There shall no sign be given unto this generation."

Why do you keep looking for signs? I tell you 75% of the people I see for deliverance are "sign seekers". The dabble in "prophecy" in a quest to be recognized as super spiritual. They go after territorial spirits in their prayer and talk, in an effort to appear spiritually superior. Their engagement in such opens their lives to great deception, and they chase after "they know not what". They strain at gnats and swallow camels. They are in all of the "new movements" the "fresh fires" "the river" … it goes on and on and not only are they duped, they become discouraged and eventually go nowhere.

I get "prophetic words" in my e-mail box almost daily, the only problem is they are not prophetic at all...not only are they seldom correct, they are never correct. I wonder, why are people so attracted to this? Why do we seek after more signs from God when we don’t even honor the sign that has already been given and will be the only sign given!

These people have to have special titles to enhance their deception. They call themselves "Prophet" "Apostle" or maybe some other lofty title and claim to hear directly from God. The Church has got to do better! Where are the genuine preachers who will proclaim the Blood of Jesus and the power of His resurrection.

Some of you reading this fall into this category. Generally, when this happens it is because the message has gone from focus on Jesus to focus on the Holy Spirit. I believe this so grieves the Holy Spirit that permission is gained by demons to deceive and to give false gifts and to deceive even as a "false" Holy Spirit. Jesus must be the focus. Genuine Holy Spirit filling will cause you to lift up Jesus.

The Holy Spirit desires no attention, He is honored when Jesus is magnified. While every gift of God’s Holy Spirit is legitimate and valid, virtually all of them have been mimicked, mocked and "adulterated"! Do you see why Jesus called sign seekers an "adulterous" people. They have polluted the simple, powerful message of the resurrection. Don’t chase signs!

I know folks who go to every seminar and meeting held, all of the conferences and have all of the tapes and materials and can’t seem to find peace, they constantly seek, I guess, thinking some day some how, thru some speaker they will hear the "magic" words. There are no such words. God’s Word has already been spoken and the sign has already been given. The resurrection of Jesus was and is the sign.

Mark 8:11, 12

I know of churches that have been virtually destroyed by venturing out of the realm of God’s Word, particularly by engaging in spiritual warfare beyond our realm of authority. If you want to damage your church, maybe destroy it, try going beyond what God’s Word teaches.

We have not been given authority in the heavenlies...you cannot take back what never was yours, principalities and powers have authority because it has been given to them by the sin and disobedience of people. Get the people saved, leave the principalities alone. They have rights by the people and until the people submit we have no rights to banish these spiritual kingdoms or "take back cities or communities" … we tread on very dangerous ground when we do this.

Listen, that’s not a casual observation, it is the voice of many years of experience with this! Don’t chase signs. Don’t engage in territorial warfare. It’s not wise and it ’s not scriptural. It’s not wise because it’s not scriptural.

Why not seek Jesus. If you want to be pure in your seeking and chasing. Chase Him, seek Him. The signs will follow you. Those who seek "signs and wonders" … I wonder about the wonders you seek. What sign has importance other than the death, burial and resurrection of God’s Son? May I just say in Love, don’t be seduced, don’t compromise the simple truth of God’s Word. Evil and adulterous people seek after signs...these are the Words of Jesus and they are for our admonition and spiritual safety.

I don’t think I can recall a period in my church life where there is so much deception being perpetrated upon Church-leaders by demons and upon church members by each other.

It is disgusting to those who are genuinely seeking to please God. Droves are being turned away from genuine relationship with Jesus by the godless, self-seeking, money-mongering, phony "prophets" …. While I have great spiritual disdain for these folks … I am equally disappointed by those in the body of Christ who perpetuate the problem by embracing and seeking after the phony message.

I have heard many solid messages about "not chasing the signs" about living a life that allows signs to follow...but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the church this far out of alignment from truth. The sign seekers are everywhere!

Jesus called a sign seeking generation an evil and adulterous generation. What strong words from the lips of Jesus! Does it seem to you that those who claim to have a gift of discernment cannot discern truth from error. Those who claim to be Holy Spirit baptized are the first to chase after that which is phony.

What’s happening here?

Matthew 12:39

Longing for home

I've been watching more than my share of political videos. The people of America are looking for a Savior. A messiah. They are weary of broken promises. They are weary of failing economies. Of war. Of hunger. Of emptiness.

It all seems to be hitting so hard and so fast. They're looking for answers.

For many, it seems that they have chosen their savior. Their messiah. I've watched several videos wherein celebrity after celebrity pledge their troth and place their hope in Obama. Yes we can. They herald him as the one who was to come. He has become that which their souls is longing for. Messiah.

There was a man who walked the earth two thousand years ago. When he looked around at the hungry and lost, he had compassion for them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. He fed them. And he met their physical needs. Not long after that, he sacrificed his own life in order to meet their spiritual needs.

Jesus is the Messiah. He is the Savior of the world. No politician, no earthly ruler, NO MORTAL MAN CAN EVER TAKE THAT ROLE. He clothed the naked, He fed the hungry, and He commissioned His Church to do the same. We are not to depend on a politician to meet our needs. They will fail. Any person who claims to believe in Christ that believes Obama or any other elected man can save this country needs to fall down on their face and repent before God-because they have surely left their first love. Jesus died ONCE and for all. Things will be rocky until He returns, but be sure, He IS coming back. And HE will establish His kingdom. HE and HE alone can bring about peace. Any other person who promises peace, and appears to be bringing it, be sure to look behind the curtain at the wizard of Oz with his lights and special effects. Behind the scenes, there will be loss of freedoms, loss of morality, and loss of lives.

Herod was a mortal man. He took all the praise that was to be placed on God. He kept that praise for himself. As a young child was bold enough to remind us, Obama would do well to reject the praise and glory that is being heaped upon him. Because antichrist or mere political starlet, he will meet the same end as Herod.

Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died. Acts 12:23

America does need a Savior. Jesus is that Savior.

Vtitus2 (posted with permission)

3 months til TAX TIME!

I am the only one ready to file taxes and get a return!?
Unless hubby gets a $2500 bonus for Christmas that is the soonest I get my tubal ligation reversed.
After this month I am so ready to be WHOLE. To be NORMAL.

October 14, 2008

Financial Freedom- will it work for me?

I am trying to read his workbook and waiting to get his Financial Freedom dvds.
I get the idea of snowballing debt.
Just trying to see how to apply it to us when all the debt we have is the house.

We are cutting back on some bills like tv, cell phone and home phone and plan on adding those costs to our house payment.

What else can we do?
I am clueless on budgeting. I really need to get frugal NOW

October 12, 2008

prayers request

My friend's brother is going to have major brain surgery on the 28th.
He has epilepsy and they are removing the front right lobe of his brain.
The meds for seizures are no longer working and doing more harm than good.

could you lift them up in prayers?

2 mo til my 11th anniversary!

I can barely believe it is less than 2 mo till my 11th wedding anniversary!
I think it is like 1 mo 3 wks and a few days actually. Who's counting!? LOL

Money is tight this year thanks to the economy crisis so I am trying to plan something small for us.
Dec is a hard month anyways with MIL's birthday, our anni, Christmas, the company party, and dh's birthday the last day of the yr. Hard to fit things in.

We have never had a real honeymoon. Onour wedding night we stayed in the country club at dh's parent's gated community. We were promptly woke for breakfast and 'family time' at 8am the next day since all the family was there and we might not see them again.... yah, just what most want to do on their first day of marriage LOL

So I need cheap, local (DFW), romantic ideas...
oh I am so bad at this!

Sunday worship

please come in and join me for service.
have a cup of coffee
sit and enjoy Pastor David denHartog as he pours out God's Word
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"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" -Matthew 6:27

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