April 5, 2013

stolen bags and entertaining angels

Hubs had a business trip this week Monday through Wednesday. His company phone decided it was tired of working and promptly stopped reading its SIM card. He could text a bit but couldn't make or receive calls. He got back from south Texas before lunch on Wednesday to do more training in Dallas. Hubs, Hub's boss, and Boss's boss stopped near the hotel they would teach at for a quick burger. They came out to find the windows of their rental car smashed and all their luggage and computers stolen!

The only thing missed was an external hard drive that fell out as things were pulled through the window. God bless 'em, the hard drive had their presentation on it! Talk about answered prayers!
The police said the bags are gone and nothing will ever be found. :(

Then I get a call this morning. Once again Hubs is in Dallas and getting gas before he goes to the plant. He tells me a homeless mas had came up asking for money. He turned him away as we don't carry cash. The guy hung around the gas station while he pumped gas and they talked a bit about how he had walked all the way from Austin. Hubs decided the least he could do was buy him some food and the guy asked for sandwich and milk. Hubs purchased him several sandwiches and a large jug of milk and the man was grateful as the homeless man turn to leave he said "God bless you , Mike" and went to the dumpster area. Hubby thought a second about how the man knew his name but blew it off as his work shirt has his name on it... then he looked down... he had his jacket zipped to his neck from the cold... his shirt was completely covered! He followed to wear he saw the man walk (a one way in/out gate) and the guy was gone! There was no way the guy could hide or leave the area in the seconds it took for Hubby to move over there.

Interesting to me is Hubby was in Austin yesterday. I said he must of out ran his guardian angel this week :)

April 4, 2013

sicker than I thought

Today I sound like my lungs are purring. Each deep breath or cough produces a rattling gurgling noise that starts at my right collar bone and travels down deep into the lung to my ribs in back. Thankfully I'm now fever free for 24 hrs and on powerful medicines.  I am very thankful that the anti-cough pills are working and I can talk without choking and coughing up a lung!

I can't lay down flat so I am now living on my couch. The coffee table is my medicine chest. The dogs think it is awesome that I am all snuggly with blankets and keep helping themselves to my makeshift bed. :)

day 5 of being sick and I am very bored. There is just nothing on TV worth watching now days.
My day is limited to bathroom trips, sleeping, and eating so I can get the meds down.  This is really getting old fast!

April 3, 2013

bed rest

I had what I thought was bad allergies start when a storm blew through the area this weekend. When fever hit (and still won't leave!) I knew it wasn't just allergies. I have some sort of lung virus/crud/ that has me knocked flat out on my bum. I can't get up and move or talk without starting to cough/choke/hack until I can't breathe and nearly puke. Good times. My sinuses are also killing me and making a headache OTC meds haven't touched.

Of course dear hubby left for a "2 day road trip" for work Monday and still isn't back so the kids are enjoying that I can't get on to them or tell them to do chores ;) Luckily hubs is back in the DFW area and finishing the training he is teaching so he will be home tonight!

I did feel slightly decent for 30 minutes last night and had to get off my couch bed and DO SOMETHING... like recover Princess's desk chair. UGH. I suffered for it as the 40(?) yr old dirt and junk particles flew up and caused my nose to run like a faucet. ewww....   BUT it is DONE. She is in there hand sanding it now so we can try and paint it this weekend, God willing, when I feel better.

At the doctor today, he loaded me up on steroids, antibiotic, cough syrup (the good kind with codeine in it so I can sleep) and cough drops. I honestly think that was the shortest visit with my doctor ever since I couldn't talk. LOL! He looked. He listened. He ran out of the room and then when he came back with my scripts he stood waaaaaayyyyyyy over there plenty far from me. Gee that makes me feel so great. He said it can take 2 weeks for this crud to run its course. wahhhh.

The only good news is I am OFFICIALLY 30 PLUS pounds LIGHTER! Weighing in at 184lb and my doctor is very pleased. :) He has lowered my thyroid pill to half a dose and taken me off all my other meds. He doesn't think I need to lose any more but I want to drop 10 more lbs and tone up which I know will add some weight back... muscle is heavier than fat and all that jazz.
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