October 7, 2011


October 7th, 1998
Seattle, WA

37.6 weeks pregnant
preterm labor since 32 weeks
HAPPY to make it this far!

6am--  waiting for induction
and enjoying our last nap ;)

2pm-- 4 cm and 100% effaced.
still having preterm contractions every 5-10 minutes
time to get things going!

7:56 pm PST
6.13 lbs and 20 inches long

under 3 hours from water breaking to birth
 labor was hard and fast!

first pictures and video taken by a proud new Daddy

Her pediatrician says she is "PERFECT"
very healthy and a great nurser for being early

sweet love!


October 6, 2011

interesting cloud formation

Saw this driving home from Oklahoma last month. It was an almost perfect heart shape.


October 5, 2011

let the kitchen updates begin!

 After MANY MONTHS of no oven and only 2 burners working on the top of my stove
 Hubby bought me this!


We got such a great deal from Sears that we also picked up a new dishwasher!
Our old dishwasher sounded like it was grinding rocks and not cleaning well at all.
Now my dishes are clean and the machine is nice and quiet :)

I can't wait to use those massive burners to can and cook up yummy soups this winter :)
Oh and bake! I can bake bread again!
I better start working out ;)

Happy 6th Birthday Bub!

We were having so much fun doing his birthday yesterday that I didn't get this post up. Bad mommy blogger :(

showing off another baby tooth lost
growing up so fast!

We did presents first.

My mom came down from Oklahoma and made his cake. We bought a train cake pan years ago and never used it. This year he insisted! We did chocolate devil's food and home made buttercream icing. YUM.

We headed to the local Midway for National Night Out sponsored by our local Police and Fire Depts.

Care Flight and Crew

Care Flight coming in to land

Presenting the Colors

3 hours of bounce houses, hot dogs and pop corn, meeting Police, Fire and Rescue, ATF, Border Patrol, Care Flight crew (and other local charities and family services) then going through the Fire Dept's "Smoke Filled House" experience we were ready to head home for cake and ice cream!
The two TALLEST in my family!
That's right my oldest has out grown me.
Her- 5'10 and 3/4
Me- 5'10
weird looking up to my child

I have another pic that looks like she is cuffed and sitting there.

Sitting in our town's new Hummer for high water resque
We think we might need something this sturdy for her to learn to drive in...
in 2 YEARS!

Care Flight crew

Bub about to jump from top ledge in bounce house

When the medic jumped into the picture Bub took off running!
He was afraid of everyone in uniform for some reason.

I hope this is the ONLY time she is in a Police Tahoe!

sitting in the helicopter

The "Smoke Filled House" demonstration.
Can you see the stove?
How about the Fire Fighter standing to the left?

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