October 18, 2011

a sneak peak of sorts

Remember THIS?

I had dug her out of an closing down upholstery store's trash pile.
The owner didn't want to spend the $$$ to get it fixed up.

At first I was all "I can do this!"
I even bought a staple gun and borrowed an air compressor.

Way way way over my head.
And so she sat in the corner piled deep in all that gathers in my bedroom.

Then my birthday came and Hubby said to get it done professionally!
I love that man!
I grabbed some stain and did the prettied wood up real nice
(hey it was another $200 saved DIY'ing it!)

3 months later she still sat in the corner.


No one puts Baby in the corner!
She got a little structural reconstruction to stablize her back
some charcoal suede fabric
satin poly on the wood

She is still at the "spa" getting made over.
We are waiting on her BLING to come in and be installed...

She'll come home Friday or Saturday!

I've linked to some parties I'm sharing this make over with over there----->

Texas State Fair

My girls surprised me with being Thrill Riders!
If they could have had enough tokens to ride all the rides (minus the bungee ones)they would have!

My Love road his first ride and had some sort of episode.
SCARED me to death!
He came off the ride dizzy, ice cold and sweating buckets.
He recovered thanks to advice from my midwife but he was left wiped out.
It took him 3 days to get over the headache and tiredness.

uh MOM this is NOT near the train set

Crystal flower light tree

Bub is bouncing up and down over the model trains in the arboritum

Hubby took the girls on the Texas Star.
Tallest ferris wheel in the western hemisphere!
Bub and I stayed on the ground and had cotton candy ;)

View from the top

With Hubby down for the count for the most part this was the only ride Bub got to be on
besides the carousel

The FLASH of Hubby and Bub was all I could get as the zoomed past!

This was our FIRST state fair.

We liked it.
Wished we could have seen more.
REALLY WISH Hubby had felt better and had been able to enjoy the day :(

Next time we are getting the "homeschool tickets" to save money.
$17 per person just to get in hurts a wee bit
then you add the rides at $5 (in tokens) per person per ride

We've decided to just save up and go to Six Flags if we want to ride rides.
Bit more for tickets but the rides are all free and more little boy friendly.
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