August 14, 2009


Today was a busy day in our home with lots of plans. I was expecting to be rushed and not get it all done like normal. We had so many places to go I almost dreaded waking up.

I woke up this morning to find that I was being blessed today. :)

I woke to the sound of rain which is not normal for this area in middle August. I came out of my room expecting to have to wake my girls for school and instead found them already at their studies! Each were on their computers working away in complete silence. Ah bliss.

School was done by 10:30 which is a rare treat. The house was picked up and everyone showered by lunch so we were able to head out.

Stopped by Mardel's and the Teacher's Supply looking for a microscope and got a great deal at the Teacher's Supply on one. As we are leaving the girls are skipping to the SUV and excitedly proclaiming they like those stores BETTER than toy stores! Wow! What a difference in their likes!!

We had lunch out and then headed to Target.

Peanut is very tall and lanky so finding her clothes that are modest is hard. But today I was in luck as Target had great baby-doll shirts and school uniform capris on sale! I grabbed up a few to try on the girls and for once we had a very pleasant shopping trip. No fighting, begging, was awesome!

I thought back of years past shopping for clothes with them when they were in public school. We have always dressed them more modest than most but let them have their 'wild' looks. Crazy colors, patterns, and such... no Hannah or Miley stuff but definitely out there. This year there was a change. My girls were picking out the nice modest/classic clothing that made them look like little ladies instead of 's@xy tweens'... I never let them dress like that anyways.
I am quite happy with their new found style.

It was a good day full of unexpected blessings.

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