April 9, 2010

5 Weeks To A Clean and Organized Home wk1

Day 5 of Week 1 ~ Just About Finished In The Kitchen!

 To finish out the week we will be working on the woodwork, windows and tiding up anything that was missed.  Wood work includes base molding, widow and door frames, crown moldings, bead-board and cabinets. I am also including washing the walls and getting any cobwebs from the ceiling corners.

Yesterday I scrubbed the pantry's walls, base molding, door and door casings with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser. I lurve those things! I didn't think it was *that* bad in there until the magic eraser turned BLACK and was falling apart when I was done! My pantry is also my laundry room so the washing machine and dryer got a sprucing up too. It looks so nice and bright in there now! Unfortunately now that things are clean and organized I can see "projects" that need done...like a coat of paint, patching some house settling cracks, new flooring to replace what the dog tore up, and more storage needs added so my bulk purchases at Costco are not just piled in like before.  Best talk to Hubby and make some budget adjustments... :)

We are taking today off from cleaning because my second daughter Princess is turning 9! Once everyone's school is finished we will figure out if it is buying a cake from the store or going for Marble Slab Creamery ice cream after her special birthday dinner at her favorite restaurant.  The Hubby and girls are also belt testing in karate tomorrow so planning and packing snacks, lunch and gear is on the to do list. As a special treat for earning their "orange belts" the girls are getting their nails done in a funky iridescent orange nail polish. Hubby and I will tackle the challenges I missed on Monday and Tuesday after church.

This will be a fun and busy weekend!

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  1. I so very much need a system for keeping my home organized! It's such a challenge! Good for you for tackling your home head on - I know it must feel so good!

    Regarding your question about where we purchased our sheets of beadboard, we bought them at Home Depot. At our HD, I think we had to look in the exterior siding aisle. It's about a quarter of an inch thick, really rough to the touch initially, and honestly, it's really hard to paint, too, because you have have to sand it like crazy and then prime. But I just love the feel of wood so decided it would be worth all the extra work. I hope this helps and thank you so much for dropping by!


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