April 5, 2010

5 Weeks To A Clean and Organized Home wk1

5 Weeks To A Clean And Organized Home ~ Week 1 Begins Today!

I missed the first 2 days of the challenge.
This is just to have all the challenges in one place on my blog.

Let’s start today with the Refrigerator, Freezer and Oven.

Here are some tips for cleaning the frig:
Clean out and throw away unusable or outdated food.
Re-wrap and package food that isn’t wrapped well.
Take everything out of the frig.
Make up a cleaning solution of either your favorite store-bought cleaner or, use a warm water-mild detergent mixture.
Be sure NOT to use hot water on refrigerator shelves or drawers that are glass. The sudden change in temperature can cause the glass to break!
Wipe down the insides of the refrigerator, clean out all the drawers and shelves and then replace the shelves and drawers.
Place a box or canister of baking soda in your clean refrigerator to absorb odors and excess moisture.
Wipe down all the contents of the refrigerator and replace them.
Be sure to gently clean the gasket or plastic seal around the door.

Cleaning the Freezer:
Most freezers are self defrosting or no-frost today. If yours needs to be defrosted go ahead and start the process.
Pull everything out of the freezer. If the food is not labeled, check the contents to see if it is still good and if it is, re-wrap and label.
Once everything is out of the freezer, and all the food has been sorted and re-wrapped if needed, place it all back in the freezer. Organize it as it goes in. Meat together, veggies together, etc.
Be sure to clean the gaskets or seals on the door.

Cleaning the Oven and Stove:
Most newer ovens are self cleaning. Follow your oven’s manufacturer’s instructions and get the process going.
If you have a Textured Oven or a Continuous Cleaning Oven, all you need to do is to wipe down the inside of the oven when it is cool.

I usually try to do a deep clean of the fridge and freezer the day before my Costco trip. It is nice since by that time it is just about empty and I don't have to worry about food spoiling while it is sitting out waiting for me to be done. So in this house that means ONCE A MONTH the fridge and freezer need done. (Do you hear that my children?!) My gas oven is only cleaned when I can open windows to let out the smoke created and it is not summer because here in TX it is too HOT to turn that puppy on "clean" and have the windows open letting the bought air out!

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