January 23, 2009

prayers for me

I woke up Monday morning feeling a bit stiff and sore in my hip joints and my 'sit up' muscles. I thought I had just over exercised on Sunday. By that night my right knee was swollen and hurting. I got into bed and was almost screaming in pain as my left hip popped. Decided I was really over doing it. Tuesday I woke up with the sniffles and sore throat. By afternoon I had a little fever.

Wednesday I awoke with a 99.4 degree fever and a headache. Then from noon on my fever went up a degree an hour. By 2pm it was 102.5. At 3pm it was 103.5. At 4pm I was screaming in pain and seeing things with a fever of 104.

Dh came home and rushed me to hosp. The dr came in and did a quick talk and rushed out when he came back in he was in full body protection, face mask, eye shield, 2 layers of gloves, gown, and surgical hat. That scared us. He checked me more thoroughly (for meningitis) and decided I had the 'real' flu a new strain of flu that has no vomiting or diarrhea but attacks the joints with high uncontrollable takes antibiotics to kill it sometimes and other times it just must run its course of 3-4 wks fever and bronchitis.

He sent me home on some major drugs and this is my first day awake.

I need prayers for fast healing as dh is gone out of town since 4am and won't be back til late tomorrow. My meds knock me out. The steroids are making me very snappish and cranky. I can't talk without coughing and choking and the meds to help that is the one the puts me to sleep. My throat hurts too bad to talk anyways from ripping it coughing so hard. I am weak and dizzy.

The church is trying to provide meals for the nights. I have to try to get out though as we are out of things for meals in the day. I don't know how I can do it. We are a block away from the store and I could send my dds but I have no cash. Also I need to go to dh's work and pick up his paycheck so we have money for food (dh paid the hosp bills in full and that was my grocery money this week) His work is not that far but the bank is a 30 min one way trip.

I need lots of prayers

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