January 20, 2011

dr visit -brief as it was

I travelled to my doctor yesterday since my appointments started at 8am.

sunset in NW Oklahoma

This morning I awoke to news of massive snow and ice with school closures so I was glad my hotel was just blocks from the hospital.  I got checked in and was told (by the only person in registration!) that no one was showing up because of the road conditions. panic.
the storm beginning to produce large flakes with sleet on way to Hospital
I didn't loose the 2 in thick ice on the underside and sides of my truck until 5 hrs later in DALLAS!

I took my oldest daughter and headed for the the eye doctor for our exams. I was halfway through my exam when the nurse came in and announced the weather was now so bad all non-emergency hospital staff/doctors were to close at 10am. It was a quarter to 9! ACK! I still had my PCP and OBGYN to see!!

I rushed to the PCP's office and told them the OBGYN visit was more important and that I was going there first. They agreed since I was just rechecking things with that Dr. The kids had to wait in the waiting area since no one under 16 (unless expecting or a nursing infant) is allowed in the OB floor....hell broke loose in the 10 min they were in there thanks to my son. GRRRRR

I rushed over to the OB floor and got in just in time to see the doctor before he left.  In fact as I checked out the nurse said she had just called my phone and canceled my appointment! LOL She didn't see me sneak in :)

He likes my chart, lab work, and OPK readings
He does NOT thing I have PCOS!
I am starting Clomid next cycle
I will have another HSG next cycle... I tried for one today but with the hosp closing I was out of luck

I have to keep charting and using OPKs just to verify things are OK. He thinks my hormones are "slightly off" if that and Hubby must be tested before I have my meds upped...no sense in messing with me really strongly if **I am not the only issue.

I did make it back to my PCP. He decided I will be back to remove some moles (OUCH!) and follow up on weight loss (UGH!). I did get a nice shot of some antiinflammatory to help my hip pain that started a week ago. Sure helped that 6 hr drive home go by better! So that was 4 doctors visits in just at 2.5 hrs! With breakfast thrown in and 3 unruly kids mad at being woke up so early!

Best site after hours in the car!

coming into "Big D"

after a ONE DAY trip does your vehcile look like this?!

for my part that is a case of water mostly taking up that seat
and the cooler the water should have been in...
uh yeah

caught in the act of trying to make things look less messy
Please say I am not alone here!

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