April 30, 2010

5 Weeks To A Clean and Organized Home wk4

I have seriously fallen behind in posting the challenges! We are finishing up the last week of our school year, planning curriculum and extra activities, getting ready for rabbit shows and home school convention, trying to get settled into routine with Hubby's new school and getting ready for a road trip up north. We didn't plan for all this to happen in a few week time period and so we are a bit rushed!

Instead of posting daily I will just do a once a week post and put the "what to do" in it with a recap at some point in the week.

Day 1 of Week 4 ~ Entryway, Hallways or Other Room Of Choice

Sylvia says---
We’re nearing the end of our 5 weeks. This week is sort of a bonus week where you can clean one of three areas.  Have a hallway, entry way or some other room that needs attention? Perhaps even a mudroom or back porch area?
The basics of cleaning and organizing are what you can use to clean these areas of your home. First declutter; get everything out of the area that doesn’t belong there. Next, consider getting rid of things that you simply don’t need but are storing in that area. Finally, dust, clean and straighten, touch up paint or make other repairs.
Don’t forget to clean the ceiling or at least dust it. And don’t forget to make yourself a cleaning solution of some kind and clean the base boards and floors. Move pictures off the wall, clean them, clean the wall and then replace pictures.

I have a small hallway  that will take all of 5 minutes to do a proper clean in. The only other room that could use work that might fit this challenge is the rabbits' room. I have the kids clean it nearly daily and the bunnies have it messed up seconds later. I can't wait to get the outside cages built and reclaim that room!

Creating Routine (this is wk 4 day 2)

We all have a routine even if it is not written down. I had a routine I posted in January but it quickly failed as I am not a morning person and the stress and grief of pregnancy followed by surgery knocked me on my butt a few months. I did love having everything done by noon but hated the 5 am wake up call! During the "kitchen challenge" I found the paper I had everything planned out on and felt guilty for dropping the ball. 

I really should sit down and make up a new schedule based on a more realistic wake up time of 7am. This is on my to-do list for when we get back from our trip in a few weeks.

Day 3 Week 4 ~ Continuing On and Some Great Links

Oh what GREAT links Sylvia posted! I am a sucker for links, lists, and how-to's so this makes my day! I have a few natural cleaning recipes of my own I need to type up add to my blog and the blog needs a good cleaning as well! All the things on my to-do list is sure piling up and the few weeks of summer break aren't looking like such a "break" anymore!

Spring Cleaning Printables
Suggested Cleaning List For You To Build On
Natural Cleaners and Disinfectants That You Can Make At Home
Spring Cleaning Lists For The Chronically Ill or Disabled with links to the series
Spring Cleaning Instructions:
Spring Cleaning in The dining Room/Eating Area
De-Cluttering In The Kitchen
Spring Cleaning In The Kitchen
De-Cluttering and Organizing the Bathroom
Spring Cleaning The Bathroom
De-Cluttering the Master Bedroom
Spring Cleaning The Master Bedroom
De-Cluttering The Living Room
Spring Cleaning In The Living Room

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