April 14, 2010

5 Weeks To A Clean and Organized Home wk2

Day 3 of Week 2 ~ Cleaning Up The Living Room

It is Wednesday and over at Christian HomeKeeper™ Network we are still working on cleaning and organizing the living room. Look around can you still find things to purge? What about a better more efficient way to arrange the furniture? Any storage needs lacking? Does your living room say, "Come in. Sit and stay awhile."?

My living room is about as bare bones as I can get it. I have 1 full size leather couch, 1 love seat, Hubby's recliner, 1 side table with lamp, 1 coffee table and the upright piano that is rarely used that currently hold the computer with the CPU sitting on a file cabinet next to it. There are 3 framed print of the names of Jesus, 2 decorative candle holders around a Kirkland's picture on the wall and 4 pictures of the family.

My living room is 13.6 by 23 ft so it sounds like a good size right? WRONG. It is fully open to the kitchen. Each wall has a doorway on it. There is a large low way off center picture window taking up the "long" wall so nothing can really go over there. The other "long wall" has a big door way to the hall and runs right into the kitchen. The only way to arrange it is the sofas are on the longer walls with the love seat squeezed between front door and picture window. Our piano is on the master bedroom wall again SQUEEZED in and Hubby's chair and the side table "float" at the other end of the couches depending on if I want to block the window. 

I wish I could turn either sofa sideways in the room and get one of them off the wall but it completely blocks traffic. That is the only drawback to over sized furniture: it limits arrangements, but it is the price I gladly pay for Hubby to have his 6'9 body comfy. 

Someday we hope to take out the improperly installed and leaky picture window and line that wall with 4 ft tall bookcases with a gas fireplace in the middle. We would put in a row of small square windows (3-4) over the top of the bookcases. By doing that we could move the leather sofa down the wall closer to the kitchen and place the recliner and buy a mate to it in front of the bookcases leaving the master bedroom wall as a piano area or maybe add a desk for an office. I could then get my love seat back in my room were it belongs. Only lack of funds and time to remodel stopping that dream. 

But then we are starting to think KNOW this is not our "forever house" and we are having to think resale value. This place is a money pit and there is only so much lipstick you can slap on a pig! Hubby and I are at the "finish the floors, paint the master bedroom, cheap remodel the master bath and call it done" stage. We are both desiring to find land and start homesteading and the way this nation is going we are thinking this is an urgent need.

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