April 13, 2010

5 Weeks To A Clean and Organized Home wk2

Day 2 Week 2 ~ Living Room – Books, Magazines, Papers, Games

 Well, it is Tuesday and I am all caught up with what I missed in the Monday challenge. Woohoo! I enlisted Princess in the clutter war and I think it took a max of 30 minutes. Why did I wait for a "challenge" to do this? *shaking head*

Princess took cleaning a step farther and washed down the leather couch and my coffee and side tables. I won't go into what was found in the cracks of the couch needless to say I will be checking those areas a bit more frequently. Uh yeah.  

 Anywho,  today's challenge is to purge papers, books, magazines and games including video games. Begin by sorting through the paperwork and making piles or placing them in baskets. Perhaps sort by "trash", "shred", "file" and "keep for now"... that last one for me is usually things I want to copy to the computer/blog like recipes, DIY ideas and the like and once copied to the trash it goes! If there are bookcases or shelves now is the time to clean them. Dust the top, back, and sweep underneath if you can. You will be surprised at what you may find!

 I have a ton of mail to go through and file thanks to my surgery and I am not looking forward to that. I love getting mail but not when it comes as bills and those $$$$$ owed are such a painful memory. Yep, my ectopic surgery bill is in the 5 figures... SIGH. God will provide!

With the living room cleaned out of everything that doesn't "go" all papers, books and magazines are hiding in my bedroom. I recently purged my magazine collection by donating them to the local library. There is a stack of books on the bookcase waiting to make the same trip. The Wii games are nicely tucked in the TV hutch from when I had Hubby move it from the living room to our room. I picked up the computer CD's that were loose, stuck them back in the CD case and they found a home in the file cabinet next to the CPU.

 Well, besides ANOTHER good sweep the living room is well on its way to being clean!

I hope everyone is enjoying my rambling posts. Would love to hear some feedback if you are doing the challenge with me.

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