July 21, 2009


Tonight that is one of the best words I can hear. HOME!!!!

We got in late last night after a very bumpy flight from Denver...well the flight from Billings to Denver was sorta bumpy too...but man from Denver home that plane was shaking and jumping side to side. My tummy was so sick. Hubby was lost in his word search. Peanut thought it was the best 'roller coaster' ride on an airplane and can we do it again?! UH NO. I hate roller coasters and flying.

Upon arriving at work this morning we discovered Hubby has lost his work phone on the trip. We know it is somewhere between NM and MT...maybe. Hubby's boss is in the hospital today with a possible case of spinal meningitis. Hubby had it in 2000 and is highly susceptible so prayers on that please! And a week of eating out 2-3 meals a deal has made me sick as a dog. If I don't see a restaurant again this year it would be wonderful!

Our bed never felt better after a week of couch and recliner sleeping! Now if I can get my body adjusted back to Texas time and go get in my bed and sleep it will be awesome! hubby is already in there and snoring away...lucky guy can fall asleep in seconds any where he is

Tomorrow (or is it today already?) I am taking my little ones to the Dr to be tested for any clotting/blood issues since Hubby's father died of them along with 3 uncles...better safe than sorry. Hubby will be tested as soon as his new insurance kicks in Aug 1.
for those interested in BIL's health... he was to have his surgery today but he spiked a fever last night. the Dr was going to move ahead with surgery but when the fever jumped in OR they canceled it completely and decided he will get his nose repaired after he leaves the hosp. the infection source is not known yet (that I know) but is suspected to be the Pic line, UTI, or the broken area of the nose. high powered antibiotics were started anyways.

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  1. Autumn,
    I wanted to check in and say hello. I have been praying for your BIL and I am so glad that you made it home safely. I see that your siggy says goodbye on fittobeuntied. My hubby has asked me not to go on there anymore period after this cycle whether I get pg or not. I have told him okay. Call me when you get a chance. PM me on CMOMB and I will give you my number if you have lost it. Take care girl :-)



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