July 24, 2009

Spider story

Last week, before the emergency road trip, I was in a cleaning flurry. When I had finished up everything and we settled down to rest for the evening I sent my oldest daughter to my room to grab something for me. She flipped on the light, crossed the room to fetch said something and started back to the living room. That is when she screamed. I mean a blood curdling think someone just killed her scream!

Hubby was already upset because she had already screamed earlier...for fun...and he was no in the mood for more 'fun'. Peanut just would not stop and finally stammered "spider!" She was pointing at the wall by the door she had just used. Hubby got up thinking of the little house spiders we have this summer...

That is when Hubby jumped and about screamed! I got up to look and there under our light switch (a 3 switch style) were HUGE legs sticking out a good 2-3 inches!!! We grabbed the bug spray and dosed the switch and the legs retreated. My hubby the Sparky grabbed his tools and swiftly removed the switch plate while I stood ready with the vacuum.

The spider was taking up the whole box! It slowly crawled out and onto the wall where I tried to suck it into the vacuum. It was strong enough to resist!! But I won!

More bug spray was applied to the box and the plate replaced. I teased Hubby that he is paid to stick his hands in places spiders may be and here he was afraid. He said he is afraid to see them not to stick his hands in the holes to grab wires. He teased me back knowing I would have issues with sleeping in our room. He was right...I barely slept that night.

The next day we dumped the vacuum in the big trash to see if we could see the spider. It took a minute to find it but WOW was it huge! The body was about 1-2 in long and 1/2 inch across. Even dead with its legs curled up it was still 3 inches across. We guess the beast was about 6-8 inches across the legs when alive. Not sure what type it was...don't really care!

Glad it is not in my house anymore!!

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