December 30, 2009

it begins..."hearth keeper overhaul"

I started my "hearth keeper overhaul"  in my closet.

I pulled out every.single.thing.

 (yes, that is my wedding dress peeking out. never cleaned from the wedding. never stored properly)

We (the girls and I) vacuumed, scrubbed and swept the corners for what felt like 10 times cause dust and stuff just kept appearing! Then we sneezed and coughed and choked for the last 2 days.

 Obviously I have no shame as I am posting these pics!

Hours and hours later everything was in its place, nothing was teetering dangerously overhead ready to fall, and I realized that Hubby has 3/4 more clothes than I do and he only wears 1/4 of what he has.

Because I am a glutton for punishment I dumped a 3 drawer junk collector dresser. Found photos, ultrasound pics from my last pregnancy, glue gun, and tons of stuff that just didn't have a home.

There are now 4 '50 gallon' trash bags of trash and junk sitting in my living room and on the porch. Hubby came home and was shocked I pulled that much junk from our closet. I told him it was easy when I started pitching the boxes from cellphone we had 5 yrs ago, and the Wii boxes, scraps of paper and anything broken or unmatched.

There is a floor to my closet!
There is open space on the rods!
All shoes are present and accounted for!

(pics of the the clean closet coming in a bit)
Ahhh... sweet relief of being done in one area! Now to keep it like that till later next year when we remodel and the closet moves to the other end of the bedroom!


  1. Very nicely done!! My husband also has more clothes than I do. We went through them not too long ago, but there are still too many, for both of us, really. What will you tackle next?

  2. I love the fact that you did that. I too found that there were more clothes than what we actually wear. I felt a freedom from all the clutter of things. I give all the things to the needy families are the vets. I am blessed to be able to give something that I don't used or need to someone who truly could use them. God Bless and Happy New Year!


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