November 28, 2008


Well, here it is!

To enter please reply to this thread with your favorite Christmas/holiday memory.


Post your "YEAH! GOD!" moments when He did something most awesome in your life and all you can say it "YEAH! That is my GOD Who brought me through that!"

My 10 and 7 yr old daughters will be picking the winner around the 12th of Dec. :)


A handmade bracelet in red stones!


  1. Hey! from the Fit to be Untied group. Just wanted to throw out the Know the cause guy on t.v. . My mom has similiar problems and she's been talking about this guy for months. Might be worth checking out.

  2. One of our biggest "Yeah God!" moments in our family happened when Judah was about 2 1/2. We noticed that he was having difficulty hearing. We had him tested and found out that he definitely had mild-moderate hearing loss in BOTH ears. :( :( Of course the DR wanted to put tubes in but I wanted t avoid that if possible. I felt like the Lord was calling us to pray and fast. (Several friends came up to me and said that too.) We fasted and prayed for 30 days. We went to have him retested before surgery (the staff thought we were weird). 100% hearing in BOTH ears. I was telling everyone in the office that God had answered our prayers and was on the cell as we left calling all our friends who had prayed.
    One of my family members was really skeptical about the fasting and praying. It moved him to tears when he saw what God had done.
    What moved me to tears was a few months later when Judah and I were sitting out in the yard and he said, "Plane, Mommy." It was in the far off distance. I wept and praised God because before God healed him, he couldn't even always hear us in the same room. :)

    God is truly our Healer!!

  3. One year, when I was about 9 years old, my parents had told me that there would be no christmas. We had no money, no tree, and even food was slim pickings. School had already let out for winter break, yet it felt like only an extended weekend.

    The night before christmas, long after I had been put to bed, my parents recieved a call. My dad went out, and when he came back he was astounded. Never before had he been touched by the love and compassion, let alone be moved by it.

    The church we had recently begun attending had seen our need, and put together an entire Christmas for our family. Tree, gifts, and everything we needed for a traditional Christmas Feast had been provided.

    I awoke Christmas morning with happiness in my heart. I was looking forward to the best breakfast in the world, and even though there was no Christmas this year, I was sure we were having breakfast!! When I came out of my room and got to the end of the hall I stopped in my tracks. In our front window was a beautiful tree, decorated with all of our decorations and lights! Under the tree were packages, bags, and boxes all wrapped up and decorated with exotic bows!

    I sat down in the middle of the living room, and just stared at this wonderous surprise waiting for my parents to wake up. Every gift was labled either "From Jesus" or "From Santa".

    I don't remember what gifts i got that year. I don't remember the flavor of the gravy, or who defeated who in the game against the 49ers... But I remember the wonder, love and joy in my heart that Christmas Morning.

  4. oh wow! y'all are making me cry.
    how are we to chose?! these stories are just beautiful!


    and yes, I am shouting that from the rooftops!!!!!


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