October 27, 2008

Sunday in the ER

Yesterday we enjoyed great fellowship in Bible study and then an awesome sermon in our new church building. The pastor spoke on making sure to take time to be with God or He, being a jealous God, will make you take time to be with Him. Hubby and I both agreed we really need to spend more time in the Word. We went to lunch after church with our close friends and relaxed for a while.

On the 20 min drive home hubby started feeling strange. He didn't tell me but I could tell something was up as he was driving quite a ways under the speed limit. We got home and he got our toddler from his car seat as I unlocked the door. I saw him holding on between the trucks and then he staggered into the house. He was complaining of rapid heart rate, heaviness in his chest and difficulty breathing. I checked his pulse and it was 2 for my 1 and his heart was missing a beat. In 2 min he was rapidly getting worse so I called the ambulance. He was begging them to get here FASTER through his coughs and gasps for air. We are only a block from the firehouse so the EMTs were here in seconds.

The got him out in record time and to the hospital. I made calls to have our friends we had lunch with take our 3 children so I could follow him to the hospital.

He got an EKG, chest x-ray and blood work. The ER staff finally saw what he was feeling on his heart monitor and gave him a diagnosis of PVC, preventricular contractions. Basically his heart was not beating properly. The heart beats from right to left and his right side was 'forgetting' to beat so after a certain time the left side would kick in and beat hard which according to the dr is the heart's fail safe to keep itself beating. It is not fatal. It hurts like a heart attack. It is scarey. The drs really don't know what causes it.
There is no cure.

They offered blood pressure meds as they are shown to help PVC but they would make him so sleepy he would not be able to work. Hubby refused. So the dr said all Hubby can do that might help is lower his stress, cut out caffeine, get more sleep, watch his use of allergy meds.

Hubby is home for the next few days resting and destressing.

I am thankful for our friends. They rushed to our home in record time to fetch our children so I could be with hubby. Another friend met me at the hospital just seconds after I got there so I would not be alone. Our pastor was there in minutes to pray and comfort us even though he was leaving town and had to get ready for that. The friends that kept our children had them about 5 hrs and put off their own Sunday night Bible studies just to help us.

Most of all I am thankful to God for answered prayers and giving us a church home that truly cares for us like family.


  1. Oh, how frightening! I'm thankful that it's not a fatal condition. Tell your husband that our family will be remembering him to the Lord.

  2. I get pvcs if I drink to much caffeine, so I have now eliminated caffeine from my diet completely and I do not get them as severe. Most people get pvcs but do not feel them. Praying that it is only something as simple as caffeine.

    Donna from the conservative life forum


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