November 13, 2012

you may have noticed

that this blog has been pretty silent lately. That is because I had my life turned upside down and then flipped over again.  We found out we were expecting at my last post! It was a miracle and complete surprise. Tests were darker than I have ever had but by the time I saw my doctor (6.4 wks) the ultrasound showed nothing in the uterus. The doctor feared another ectopic even though I had no symtoms. 2 wks of blood work and another ultrasound confirmed a "normal uterine miscarriage" that ended at my 8th week.  We were hurt but ok because it had given us HOPE again. I rejoiced in every minute and I thanked God for that baby even though I held it only a short time in my body. The doctor will be testing me in a couple weeks for possible issues that can cause miscarraiges. Not sure how I feel about that... yes, I want to find "something" and have a plan/cure or no, we don't find anything a miss in my blood work and never know WHY...

It took about 2 wks to start feeling better afterwards and resuming my normal life. Of course then Princess caught pneumonia and we spent many days on steriods and antibiotics to keep her out of the hospital. As soon she she was well my oldest caught some sort of bug last Friday and she is just now feeling good enough to head back to swim team.

So we are back to swim, scouts, church, school, cleaning, being a family and my new adverture of Once A Month Cooking (ahem AGAIN) just the usual chaos.

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