September 19, 2012

Weight loss "competion" between Hubby and I

3 wks ago the Dr gave me a med to help get my metabolism to start working again. She also told me of an herbal combo that would help too.

In the first week I lost 9 lbs bringing me down from 214 to 206/205 and I was "stuck". I was very upset but I noticed something that made that "little" amount worth it... my clothes don't fit! My skirts are 38 in waists and USED to be tight in the hips and waist. Now they slide off without unbuttoning! My new size 16 shorts are the same way. I'm now down to 202 and really starting to feel good! I've eating healthy small meals and plan to start riding bikes and walking in the mornings once things settle down a bit.

Hubby started the herbal combo and in two weeks he's dropped 7 lbs. I'm not sharing his weight as that's not my place but he is looking good too!

The Dr thinks I need to drop about 50-60 lbs to be the right size for my 5'10 frame. I think that is too thin (I've btdt and looked like a stick!) so I am aiming for my around 170lbs because I have a lots of muscle.
Hubs thinks he could stand to loose the same amount.

So who will hit the goal first?

My guess is Hubs. Once he has knee surgery and is back to his active self at work he will drop weight like no one's business! But I'm going to try and give him a run for it!

A few pics to show where I've come from...
Please be gentle with me I know I let myself go between having babies, surgeries, and depressions.

My Senior Yr pic.
I was maybe 120lbs

clothes shopping in August
weight 212-215lbs
Sept 18, 2012
the 38 in waist of this skirt is barely staying on my hips!


  1. I hope you do wonderful in trying to lose the weight you want to lose. I am doing weight watchers right now myself just trying to lose a few pounds that I need to lose. It sure is tough when you get over 40 to lose weight. I am praying for God's help to get in better shape and better health. I need to be determined and motivated.

    1. Amy, I have a friend who literally lost over HALF her body weight doing WW! She now runs marathons and aims to run over 1000 miles this yr (I think she is well past the 1000 already!!) Other friends suggested WW but I couldn't commit to weigh ins and paying to get help. I'm kinda weird about it.

      I couldn't even pay to join a gym for fear of looking stupid learning the machines. Hubby purchsed a month at the gym for us and promptly ruptured his knee tendons. A sign if I ever saw one LOL ;)

      I've tried so many diets but my thyroid had my metabolism stuck and nothing was helping.

      I'm trying to get brave enough to take measurements. I roughly know what I was and I can't wait to see how much I've dropped!

  2. awesome!!! Keep up the good work~! what did the DR give ya? cause I need to drop some weight like yesterday!!

    1. Megz, I suggest you ask the Dr what would be good for you. The med I was given is based on the fact that I don't have heart or blood pressure issues. What med really depends on how much you have to loose and current health. Insurance doesn't cover these types of meds so be prepared to pay full cost. :(

      The other down side is if one doesn't make diet and activity level changes when you stop the meds the weight will come right back.

      thanks for the ecouragement! It is really hard putting my fat pics online knowing what I used to look like not that many years ago. My friends I see at church are starting to notice the change now so I know I'm moving in the right direction!

  3. I think you look great! I would not have guessed that was your weight, you carry it so well. Remember not to focus on a number. You were very thin in your senior pic, probably too thin. I think you look best in the last pic you posted. :)


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