April 27, 2012

master bedroom make over

Hubs and I have never had a "done" bedroom. It has been "pretty" (once, when we moved to Seattle as newly weds it looked nice but not my style) but always thrown together. Usually stuffed with leftovers from other rooms and JUNK. It is the store all for the house. Don't know what to do with it? Well just throw it in our room! That is almost 15 yrs of stuffing everything in our room! sigh

We've lived here nearly 6 yrs. I just now hung blinds! I've had the windows covered in unopened boxes, tinfoil, and at one point curtains that didn't match and on only 2 of the 3 windows. Add in 2 ginormous crates for the dogs to sleep in and unmatched hodge podge of furniture in varying stages of paint finishes and the romance factor drops to zero. And this winter I destroyed my bedspread trying to wash it one night. bigger sigh

L-A-Z-Y is all I can say. And unmotivated. I can't pick a decorating direction I want to go. Hubs doesn't care as long as its not girl and he can't ruin anything because it is white, small or delicate.  I change my mind on my style constantly. Romantic. Rustic. Formal. Tuscan. English country. French country. Paris fancy shmancy. Farmhouse. Cottage. Industrial chic. Swedish. I like it all! I can't decide on just one :-(

So I'm changing my ways. I hope to complete the room by our 15th anniversary this December!
I'm picking out paint colors.

top SW- Argos
bottom SW- Quietude (I think)

Hubby likes the Argos but its too blue gray in this room. I used it in Bub's room and it looks more of a true gray in there. The Quietude is too much as well. I want more subtle colors. I've even toyed with the idea of DIY faux board and batten. I will have to check the cost as our room is huge! It is a converted 2 car garage we think... or it was going to be one and the previous owners changed their minds.

The bamboo blinds are a natural brown stain. Hung well over the natural window to help the scale of the room's 12 ft ceilings.

Decluttering as much as possible. Just have to haul it all away.

Make and hang curtain rods and put my matching curtains up. I have decided to go with an industrial look with metal pipes and fittings for the rod. Plain IKEA cream curtain panels on chunky ring clips to help with privacy (those bamboo blinds only blur the view not block it!)

Finish off multiple paint projects.
high gloss royal navy blue bookcases
half decoupaged.
needs sanded and painted.
shelf will be removed to hold the TV.
 back will be papered fully
(man, those shellves are full!)

everyone still has a hunter green pine dresser, right?!
I finished it in oil based stain and marine grade sealer.
not going to be fun to fix

my beautiful bed has seen better days.
the old shellac (?) is flaking off
I'm thinking creamy white or even antiqued silver...
something to bring out all the carved mouldings

A finished floor will be so nice after living on bare concrete 5 yrs! Because this room has flooded and we can't be sure it won't flood again we are going to use vinyl faux wood planks like the rest of the house.  A bonus is it is something I can do without Hubby's help since DIY is not his idea of fun after working 12 hr days 7 days a week ;-)

New lamps and bedside tables would be nice. Bedspread and dust ruffle can't hurt.  Base boards, window and door trim to finish off the walls. New ceiling fan that doesn't shake, rattle and bang if turned up too high would be grand. I have to remember we don't want to live here forever. All changes I make need to be neutral enough to appeal to everyone. Budget is an ever present concern as we don't want to sink money into this house that we can't get back.  (we're already doing enough of that to fix what the old owners did)

I would LOVE to get all of this done for under $1000 including floors and trim!
So that is it. My goal for the year. A master bedroom retreat that is clean, finished and romantic.

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