March 26, 2012

weekend project

A few weeks ago Princess informed us that the window in her room was cracked. Just a bit later and our oldest informed us the window was about to fall out.... after she had been leaning on it to better see the dogs outside. Sure enough we checked it and the only thing holding it in was the nasty old caulking and a nail. SIGH.  Hubs covered it in plywood to secure her room and I drove the to the building surplus supply store to pick up a new window. Turns out they had sold the last 6 windows they had that would have fit width wise that morning and our window was a custom order.  Bugger.

10 days later the window came in. It barely fit in my Durango with the back 2 seat rows folded down and the bouncing made for a scary ride home. Then it rained. And rained. And rained. Hub's company couldn't run the asphalt plants during the down pours so the company decided it was a perfect time for him to fix everything that was broke. No tearing off the outside of the house for us. Yeah! for overtime though as the project turned costing more than we thought...doesn't it always?!

Finally the sun came out and Hubs was home! He quickly ripped out the old window and pulled the siding off the house.

He promptly found DRY ROT. Lots of it

He had to go about 2 feet out of each side to get to solid wood.

He framed the wall.
I went shopping with the kids to get them out of his hair.

He installed the new window and put up new siding and trim.
I forgot to take pics as I held it up.
It was getting late and we had to have the window in as the weather was calling for more rain.

I love the creamy color of the primed siding!
Much more in keeping with the neighborhood's old white farm houses than the slate gray.
If I could repaint the whole house in creamy I would but that is not in the budget.
I hope to get that side painted before the heat sets in.


In all it took almost 3 weeks to get this little project done.
Hubby has never installed a window, framed for a window or done siding work.

on a side note----
Did I mention this window is over 5 ft off the ground...and that I am afraid of climbing on ladders?!
The last time I was up a ladder outside I was sawing branches off the pecan tree out front when the ladder slipped and I fell nearly cutting my arm open with the sawz-all!

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