February 23, 2012

I could write about the seeming weekly disasters we have been going through but I'll spare you. Lets just say the budget has taken quite the hit and no one is happy.

When we're not fixing all the issues popping up we've been keeping busy. We are helping friends move in and update their home. In return we are getting fed some awesome cooking! We attend the same church so its neat to have them just down the road from us. Speaking of church we are finally starting to settle in. The kids enjoy youth and Hubby and I started attending Small Group. We attended the Valentine banquet and hada night of good laughs watching the pastors do the "Not So Newly Wed" game! LOL What a hoot! Learned some hillarious things about our senior staff and their families. :) I'm loving my parenting class based on research from TCU. It is good to know there is hope for our family. My Princess is back in soccer. I am nervous every time I drop her off that we will get the call she broke her wrist again but the coach is taking good care of her and making sure she is safe. Because of the crazy weather they are practicing in the Jr High gym so no potholes for  her to trip in. :) We got much needed RAIN the last weeks and I heard on the news last night our drought is OVER! PRAISE JESUS! The yard is full of weeds green and my flowers are starting to bloom.  Temps are in the upper 70's to low 80's already but cold front knock us back to the 50's every few days.  Crazy I tell ya! Because of the temp changes everyone is sick or suffering allergies already. sigh.  Hubby is working hard and enjoying his new job as supervising electrician at a large asphault/concrete company along with still teaching once a week. I've been informed major work load is coming up and days off won't be happening for a while.... such is life when its great weather perfect for highway repaving!

I've been seeing doctors (AGAIN) to try and find out why I feel so darn lousy. My OBGYN thought it was hormones so he did a test but it was normal. I saw an Endocrinologist and she blew me off. Literally telling me "you obviously have hormone issues but your labs are fine so you can't have hormones issues"! WHAT?! She offered me The Pill and looked at me like I'm crazy. I can't take the pill for several reasons. FIRST and FOREMOST- religious conviction- The Pill causes abortion. 2nd- they make me puke. 3- I'm 35 with a history of blood clots HELLO! So much for that. 

I came down with a sinus infection and went to my PCP...funny I've been telling all drs that Dr P was my PCP but when I saw him yesterday we realized I am a NW PATIENT! LOL! All this time of hauling the kids to him I just thought I had seen him too... well I did...in the ER several years ago. oh well.
He sat with me 2 hours and talked. Did ya hear me? TWO HOURS people! Ya don't hear of doctors doing that! Got me all hooked up with meds and started blood work to find out what the other drs have missed.  The nurse called me tonight to tell me some results aren't normal and have me come in on Monday. I googled the test and the illness "fits". All the issues I've been having all these years are listed out. I feel good knowing sorta what is wrong. Nothing "firm" yet as more blood work is needed but I'm ok. :)  God is working. He brought me to this and He will bring me through this! I praise Him for sending to me a doctor who doesn't give up or think you are nuts to walk in with a huge list of problems that don't seem to relate at first glance. Halleluyah!

My most happy moment this week is
My little guy is learning to tie his shoes
after years of cowboy boots, flip flops and slip on shoes
this is

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