October 31, 2010

no answers

I got home tonight from a cross state trip to the doctor and then my Mom's house.

I saw an OBGYN for less than 2 minutes on 28th. The doctor did not examine me, refill my "mood" med or give me a new one, or answer any questions I had. The doctor refused to help figure out why I have recurrent miscarriages or to help prevent them saying "I think you have enough kids." I was told I wasted the doctor's and my time being there and that my PCP's office were "idiots".

I informed my PCP and the hospital admin office were I was advised to make a formal complaint.
I am trying to get in with a new doctor and Hubby plans to make that appointment with me. I should see the ENDO DRsometime by Jan 2011.

The trip wasn't a total wash as I did get to spend 4 days with my Mom and help her unpack some of her storage room. We filled the local dumpster conquering the clutter in 1/3 of the room and closet. We wanted to do more but Mom's back couldn't take the lifting anymore so when we go back in December we will try to finish it then. We loaded my truck up with goodies from my grandparents, great grandparents and other relatives. I brought home dozens of old books, an antique steamer trunk, hand forged "sad" iron, white iron stone wash basin and pitcher, family pictures and my Grampa's and great grandfather's cowboy hats. I can't wait to unload everything tomorrow!


  1. Ok, I am confused. Have you found out anything about the polyps or other stuff you were concerned out? I have been praying for you.

  2. Amy, the Dr refused to answer anything about the polyps in the ultrasounds. Said if I was "older" then we would worry but at "my age" I should be ok. Again this was with NO rechecking the u/s or physical exam.

    That is about all I can say since a complaint was filed and I am to be "unknown".

    I will see a DR in Jan (or sooner if someone cancels) about the lumps/nodes in my thyroid. That I am refusing to Google so that I do not freak myself out. :/

  3. I will keep praying for you, my friend. Sorry you have to wait. We will believe that everything is so okay!


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