May 18, 2010


Why is it that when I am trying to get ready for any sort of road trip nothing ever goes as planned?!
I make my lists. Nothing too hard. Just the stuff that must be done before we leave and what to pack so hopefully we won't forget something again.

This week I made my list. Started tackling it. Smooth sailing! Oh Yeah!
Then I took an afternoon nap when we got home from the church picnic.

I woke up with a sore neck. Which has turned into terrible swelling, pain, and a trip to the chiropractor. The Dr was able to put things back in place but sadly I was informed the pain and swelling is here to stay for a bit. How on earth does a nap mess up a neck that bad!?

Storms rolled in yesterday and put a stop to more on my list.The city will just have to cite us for the lawn's shaggy look. More storms are expected on either route we take on our trip so putting the suitcases outside the SUV is no longer an option. Great. Now to fit it all inside so new packing arrangements. GRRRR

Today I took the SUV in for a rotor check up since it is vibrating when I stop and an oil change. I thought I was killing two birds with one stone when I found out the tire place now does oil changes. I knew it was bad when the owner sat down by me with 2 papers in his hand. I desperately tried to reach Hubby cause I am not good with "big money" issues. I handed my phone to the tire guy and he explained to Hubby what was wrong. 4 sets of new brakes and 2 new rotors and they would turn the other set of rotors. $$$. OUCH. Not a planned expense. Another move "off list". I called a friend and got a ride home while the SUV gets a makeover.

Friend is tending our rabbits while gone so she was happy to get me home and learn the care and feeding of our beasts. Her children decided our rabbits are super cool and lovable and will make good pelts someday.

So here I sit. Unable to do my errands. No snacks bought for the trip. No pine litter to clean the rabbits or extra water bottles so the buns don't go thirsty. A truck full of trash sitting in a service bay 15 miles away I planned to clean out before we left. My neck in enough pain that house cleaning and packing are the last thing I want to do.

Too tired from lack of sleep to care.
Hubby ever to the rescue says have the kids do all the cleaning and packing while I rest.
Um yeah.

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