January 27, 2009

things kids say-

My son is very into superheroes like The Incredibles and goes around using his 'super hero' voice which is manly and deep...well as deep as a 3 yr old can muster.

The other night Hubby and I are in our room getting ready for bed and in comes the boy. He rushes in and assumes the position of 'super hero' which is the classic Super Man pose and begins his good nights.

"Night Dad," he says gruffly.
"Night buddy," Hubby teases which he knows upsets the boy when he is in full super mode.

Choosing to ignore Dad tonight he turns to me with "Good night Mom." I couldn't resist teasing him too so I replied back in my deepest voice "Night Mr Incredible!" This got him! He runs up and gets in my face and starts in "No, you not talk like this" (deep voice) "you talk like THIS" (making his voice as high and feminine as he can) "You say "Night Mr Credible" like this MOM!" (still high pitched as he can) The look was priceless! He could not get over his mom talking in the wrong voice like that!

After I had corrected myself and said good night properly he left to lecture the girls on the proper way to say goodnight. Hubby and I both were about rolling off the bed and saying "THAT was a $10,000 funny moment!"

Why do we never have cameras rolling when these things happen!?

I am sitting here coughing and choking I am laughing so hard just from remembering!

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  1. Autumn, that is hilarious!!! Those moments are so precious!


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