August 24, 2007

more changes

Last night I got sick of my naturally frizzy hair so I went to my hairdresser and had her straighten it! Oh the joy! I can run my fingers thru it! I did not have to get up and spend an hour curling it only to have it PUFF on me an hour later!!! I love it! I just hope it stays so easy and straight as I have had it done before and 3 days later it was puffy again. We will see.
I may post a pic if I can figure out how

And today I quit babysitting!
Last night hubby told me I had to quit babysitting NOW after he came home and saw the bite mark left on our son by the 2yrob I was watching. Yesterday the boy bit our son twice, oldest twice, his brother twice, and then tried to choke my 3 and hit/push everyone.He had problems with biting before but I could put him in time out (only thing his parents allow as punishment) and he would stop. Yesterday he was not stopping anything even with me sitting there. Time outs don't work for him and seemed to make him madder. All I heard was him yelling "NO!" when I tried to stop him or put him down for a nap.I had told the mom this yesterday and she was like 'put liquid soap in his mouth if he bites or says 'NO' again" LIQUID SOAP!!!? she said she puts in a "whole pump" of the stuff and that he fights her but she does it and he does not spit it out! I told hubby and he said I would not be doing that cause what if something happened after all soap is nasty chemicals and if he is not spitting it he could inhale. It would be my fault if something happened. That is when he said to quit.I have been wanting to stop babysitting for a week or so and did not have the nerve to call the mom and say so.But I did it! I just told her hubby is NOT happy that my not even 2 yro son has teeth marks and bruises were he was bit. She was not happy but claims she understands. She also says her son left pants here but I have not found them.such a relief! one less hassle to deal with during homeschool!! but now I get to tear apart my house looking for shorts that I never saw him wearing

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