January 18, 2012

still working

What started as a room clean up turned into a painting party for me and the oldest. I was sick of looking at the crayon drawing covered dirty butter colored walls that didn't go with anything she had. Inspired by one of our favorite shows Dirty Jobs I decided to use what I had and make it myself. I had 2 cans of semi gloss white paint and a 1/4 gal of left over gray from the boy's room. I mixed that mess together and came up with a beautiful silvery gray blue white. It looks awesome! Changes colors based on time of day and colors added to the room. We made it through the whole room with the gallon I mixed up but we could see spots of yellow so a quick trip to the big box store and a very confused paint clerk (she couldn't understand why I was matching "white" even though I promised her it wasn't WHITE at all)...
 I can't wait to show pics!

I used the left overs from the gal I got color matched at to do my laundry room. It was country blue floor to ceiling and bleck. I ran out 3/4 the way through the first coat so I'll have to get another gallon.

My son came down with a nasty case of broncitis which stopped my progress.Snuggle time is way more important than getting rooms done.  :)

We also signed up for private in home puppy training with www.barkbusters.com and the change in the pups that first session on Friday was AMAZING! 3 hours of work and my danes are not hyper, fighting, counter cruising or knocking us down to get to the food as we make it. That makes for a happier home and we are excited to keep the training going.

Oldest child who doesn't want to be called Peanut anymore and I need to come up with a new nickname for also got braces today and went to our new church's youth group for the first time.  She enjoyed doing both which is a pleasant surprise. She just got home and hasn't stopped chattering about it since! Woot! Princess will be getting braces too next week. She has to start with spacers and in a week get her full braces.

Bedtime. Sitting in the ortho clinic for 3 hours and running into the city and home (almost an hour each way) twice today wore me out. But the dogs were glad to see us and get a potty break between our adventures today. I took a nap when we got home but that didn't help.

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