December 31, 2011

unexpected remodel

2 weeks ago our master bathroom flooded. AGAIN. This time running water poured under the walls and over 5 ft into our bedroom. Sigh

Of course it was after normal business hours and Hubby was at his teaching job an hour away and couldn't come home. No flash light in the house meant we couldn't find all the parts to the shop vac out in the storage.  I was on the phone with a plumber trying to find out how to stop the flood as the kids bailed water. Thankfully friends drove the almost hour round trip to bring us their shop vac and we cleaned up best we could. Plumbers came the next day and snaked the drain and I started on the washing of every towel in the house that was used in the clean up.

Demo begins!

removing the debris

this used to be a bookcase in Bub's room

view from our bathroom into Bub's room
through his bookcase/window the old owners just drywalled over on our side

ripping out nasty peel-n-stick floor tiles
(same wall as above before we ripped out the drywall and framing)

almost done!
BEFORE- badly built bookcase where a window once was

AFTER- bookcase removed. new framing and drywall

We had planned to do our bathroom sometime in the not too near future.  Then we flooded again on Monday. UGH!!!! The plumbers came out and this time could not snake the drain. In looking down a vent pipe in the ground they dropped their flash light. When they dug down to what they thought was the sewer line to retrieve the light they found more issues. Our kitchen sink lines were never tied into the main sewer and were just dumping water and gook into the ground! This made the dirt around our concrete sewer line erode away and the main line shifted busting open spilling sewage into the ground and causing the pipes to back up. Also our main line runs up hill not a good thing for flow. They were able to patch everything into proper working order after 5 hrs of work.

If the plumbers hadn't dropped their light in the line where they did the break nor kitchen sink issues would never have been found. We know God was directing everything that day! No coincidences with Him :)

We have reframed, insullated, sound proofed and drywalled the wall between us and Bub's room. I don't have a pic of that. But it is WARM and QUIET in our bathroom now. We still have 3 walls open for future work. We have to run new shower lines, new electrical wiring/plugs/lighting and install a pocket door. I haven't been able to decide on tile, shower size, faucet placement, vanity style or the hundreds of other things that come with starting from scratch. BUT that is for next year!

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