November 25, 2011

does it ever end?!

House training TWO puppies?
The tummy flu doing its second trip through our home?
The tummy flu that one of the pups got as well!?

Oh Lord I hope so! I am very THANKFUL that we have not redone our floors as I had planned this fall. And I guess another bright side of house training the puppies is I will be getting all new towels because some smells just linger. UGH! And having GIGANTOR pups rampaging through the house,  chewing everything under 4 ft tall, knocking over and breaking things with their whip like tails means the house is staying cleaner.  Today they learned if they stand on hind legs they can eat from the dishes in the sink means that room will now ALWAYS be clean or at least it BETTER BE :-/

The house purging marathon ground to a haul because of all the above and the Thanksgiving Holiday. I managed to fill another car truck with clothes to donate!  I really want to get to the attic soon. It is so stuffed we can't get to the blower to change the filter and that ain't good.

I will be working on things slowly until the end of the year so we can start the New year CLUTTER FREE! I have been knocking out a few projects late at night when things settle down and I can't wait to post them! Soon.... I hope :)

We are blessed to have my mother-in-law in town for 12 days visiting! We only get to see her maybe once a year and this makes her second trip down this year :) The kids have lots planned for her stay. I bet she goes home ready for a vacation! LOL

We have a mix of sadness and joy in the family. My great uncle passed away 2 days ago and his funeral is next week. He was my Grampa's brother-in-law and loved to tell me about Grampa and his early days of mischief and horseback adventures. It feels like loosing Grampa again to not have Uncle JB here to tell me about him since I barely remember Grampa with his passing 20 yrs ago.  We also lost my cousins' grandmother on Wednesday.  She was the sweetest most godly woman I know. The mother/grandmother we all dream of having...even my mom said that when she called to tell me how the funeral went today. She was well loved by her little town and church and will be sorely missed.

My mother-in-law leaves next week as well. Then we will travel up for Cast Removal Day for Princess on the 5th (woot woot!), 14th wedding anniversary *HUBBA HUBBA*, Hanukkah and having Hubby home for company shut down Dec 24-Jan 1! We don't know what to do with him here so long.... but vacation sounds N-I-C-E! This will be his first time off work in over 2 yrs and boy does he need it!!!

until then...
moving forward even a bit IS progress

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