September 8, 2011

like a chicken...

You know the rest of that phrase ;)

Busy busy busy!

We are back into school as of 2 weeks ago and instead of just having the girls do their assigned work for the day we are schooling from about 9/10am to around 3pm. Which means they are booking through the year! Princess is already nearing the end of September and Oldest (who doesn't want me calling her "Peanut" anymore even though it IS her nickname since we were expecting her) is nearly a weeka head. Both are making high B's and A's. Bub is reluctantly learning sight words and math facts. He really doesn't think he needs to learn more than he knows because some kid called him a "genius" and that means he is already smart. LOL boys!

Princess started playing soccer this season and is loving it! It is her first time to play sports and we have a great coach. Practice 2-3 times a week plus games keeps us hopping. Thankfully the field is only a couple minutes away so drive time is not bad.

After a very stressful year since Hubby's boss was tragically killed he has decided it was time to move on.  It was a painful decision for him to leave the company. He is currently looking for work and finally starting to relax.  He will still be helping the company and we wish them success. 

He returns to teaching tonight at the electrical school. I can't remember if he teaches 3rd or 4th yr but I know he is teaching "control" work and in a few weeks will add lab work to his schedule on Tuesdays. He loves teaching and is good at it. yes, I know shameless bragging :)

I am headed back to the thyroid doctor on Monday for an ultrasound. Praying that the lumps are shrinking or even better GONE. No clue when I will hear the results. Not too worried.

I am in a dejunking mania again since some cooler weather blew in and I don't break out sweating trying to clean up even with the A/C on. I have sold a few things. Given away lots more. Doesn't look like it but does it ever?!  I am trying to have it all done by winter. Major purging will be needed! I am so TIRED. OF. STUFF. EVERYWHERE. Hubby is fully onboard which makes it work even better!

I am also thinking of starting a home business of refreshing furniture and possibly sewing pillows. I have several projects I need to get done but I have been too distracted to get the finish supplies I need. Hubby can't wait for me to clear out some of this stuff or at least finish it. He is ready to USE the pieces I am working on instead of seeing all the debris of my crafting endevors ;)

And since all that isn't enough I am adding in 2 book studies at the end of the month. One is "Captivating" and the other is "The Excellant Wife".  Should be interesting! I'll study Captivating with my local friends and the other is a FB group. 

Much more is happening but my Love has called and I am talking to him on the phone.

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