April 20, 2010

5 Weeks To A Clean and Organized Home wk3

Day 1 – Week 3 ~ The Bathroom


Are you ready to tackle the bathroom and get it nice a sparkly clean? Today is the day we start cleaning in that room and we will begin with decluttering. Whether you have a one-holer or something a bit bigger, the bathroom can be the most difficult room in the house to keep clean, simply because it has so much traffic!  Things tend to fall apart and need repair in the bathroom quite a bit too, especially if you have a large family.
We will start today with getting the bathroom free of clutter and junk.
Here are some tips for decluttering the bathroom:
Go through all the bottles of lotions and potions and throw away old, unusable items. Combine bottles of stuff when you can. Get rid of all the old razors, toothbrushes ( though a few could go to use in the cleaning bucket), hairbrushes, small appliances past their usefulness, etc, etc.
Next, pull all the linens out of the closet. Go through them and sort. You don’t really need 6 sets of sheets for each bed, now do you? 

Back to decluttering ….. Get the closet cleaned out, then wash it down. Maybe this would be a good time to paint or paper your linen closet.  When you get it like you want it, add things back. Remember you’ve pared your stuff and junk down so you should have as much to put back as you took out.
Now clean out all the other cabinets, drawers, shelves and storage areas. Get rid of stuff you don’t use, wipe down bottles and packages, wash out the storage areas themselves, then put your things back.
This might not seem like a lot to do today …. but in most bathrooms, this is the main thing that needs to be tackled. It will take most people a few hours.

I say "Oy!"
We have two bathrooms in our home and both are terribly messy. I own enough sheets sets to run a B&B. There is only one storage/linen closet in this house and it is stuffed with camping gear and leftover remodeling material after all everyone knows that "completes" the bathroom! Three ladies in the house means product overload on the counters. I fear for those that come calling unannounced and need to make use of the guest bath as Bub is still working on his "aiming skills" and he is no longer interested in being a "sitter".  The master bath... well, it stays "reasonable" as Hubby calls it. I don't think "reasonable" counts in this challenge especially if the man in the house is used to port-a-potties on construction sites!

If I don't post later tonight "day 2" then y'all will know to send in a search party because I have probably keeled over on the floor in one of those rooms! So say a prayer for me as I slip into my HAZMAT suit and respirator to boldly go where no one else in this family dares to clean!

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