July 30, 2009

close call

I had a hair cut appointment this morning so of course I am running late and trying to get the kids in the car and find my phone and a million other things. I send the kids out the door as I grab my phone and put my hand to the door to lock the deadbolt when I hear my oldest say "look a dog!"

With the door half shut I turn to see a huge German Shepard dog heading across my drainage ditch towards my house. I would guess the distance would be 20 ft from my front door. The kids froze in panic as the dog laid back its' ears, bared its' teeth and came at us growling. I started trying to force them back into the house but they would not move!

That is when I felt a physical push from inside my chest that I now know was the Holy Spirit's work. I shoved past the kids who were now trying to get in the door all at once and began to scream almost more like growl at the the dog as I pushed my babies into the house and tried to shut the door. The dog was now about 5 feet away and definitely wanting to hurt someone. I closed the door as I was screaming "bad dog go home!"

With the door closed between us and it the dog gave up and headed home across the street. Once gone I herded the children quickly into the SUV and called the police. I told dispatch what happened and gave my location and was told someone would respond. I left for my hair cut and some running around town time with my mom. We got home this afternoon and my mom pointed out the large paw prints in the mud just feet from my doorstep.

When Hubby got home he wanted the full details of the event. Hearing everything he decided to call the police again to see what came of the dog before we let our children outside again.

The police knew immediately who we were and informed Hubby that the dog had attacked a jogger after I had called! Thankfully she was OK and the EMTs said it was a minor flesh wound with no need of hospital care. The dog was impounded and will be put to sleep on Monday at the owner's expense.

I thank God for His protection today! To think what a dog that size could do to my babies... *shiver*

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