April 20, 2009

getting so much done!

Taking time off the internet is proving useful!
When I can stay away that is.
I seem to get sucked back in so easy.

*I have hyper cleaned the house and have a HUGE garage sale collection. It is going to have to move to storage as my little man is sneaking into the bags to reclaim his toys.

*My kitchen is organized and STAYING that way so far! I would say it is 'company clean' or just minutes to it 80% of the time. WOW!

*The laundry is staying mostly caught up which is a big deal in this house. What a concept! Clean socks ALL the time! LOL

*The yard was nicely mowed and tended until this last bout of rain. Now it is a soggy mud pit with weeds getting way too high and fire ants making massive homes everywhere. Bought weed-eater string today and all purpose bug killer to spread over the whole yard (hopefully tomorrow afternoon). Should get the mower fixed so I can mow by Wednesday at the latest...how bolts can come out and disappear I will never know!

*We are at the halfway point in our bathroom remodel. We had expected it to be done by now but Hubby was sick last weekend and we did not work on it. Tonight he tiled 2 of the 3 walls leaving just the shower head wall to finish tomorrow. I have a few pics that I will post later. Once tiling is done I will get in there this week and sand the trim and cabinet doors, spray paint the light fixture and vanity pulls, texture the walls and ceiling, paint doors and ceiling..maybe put a sky mural up there...

That all MUST be done by this Friday so we can try to put up the bead board, trim and new flooring before we go camping Friday night. Whew.

Then we can go camping with friends for a few days down on the lake. It is supposed to be nice and hot so hopefully we can get out on a boat while we are there. A well deserved rest I must say.

Then we are back to busy busy busy with weekend trips/activities for the next few weeks.

~trip to Texas A&M to pick up our baby bunnies
~home school book fair in Arlington
~sneaking in a belated birthday party for Princess
~finishing FPU
~going back to small group with friends we love so much!
~clean out storage(s)
~garage sale
~cut down 5 trees and trim up the rest. rent a chipper and make mulch from the mess
~add fence to the side yard and move play fort/swing set
and more that I can't think of because my brain is just too tired

Tomorrow is our last home school co-op for the year.
We are down to 3 AWANA nights left...whaaah!! the end of 'free child care' date nights.
That will leave us with just karate on Tuesdays and church...*wiping brow* and I am glad as I am tired of being so over scheduled!

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