March 27, 2009

Band of Brothers- chuck wagon dinner

Last night was "Ladies Night" at Hubby's church group called Band of Brothers. The men normally meet every month for dinner and fellowship and every few months we ladies are blessed with getting to join them.

The had a 109 yr old chuck wagon brought out to the ranch and cooked cowboy stew over an open fire. The wives brought cornbread and desert. We ate til we burst! It was so good...something about a old cast iron kettle really flavors the food in a way you just don't normally get.

Then we sat around and listened to Christian Cowboy poetry and camp songs. The main event was a man from our church sharing the gospel as he 'broke' a horse in the riding ring. Wow, if you have never seen a horse trained like that it is really a sight. So gentle. So loving. He just 'laid the foundation' and the horse trusted him and after about 40 minutes of working the horse he was able to mount him. This horse had not been rode but once in his life and that was 2 yrs ago but he accepted his rider with little resentment. The horse did bow and bounce a few times but quickly remembered his 'foundation' and was soon walking the ring nicely under command.

The message our friend gave was about our foundation in Christ. You can 'accept Christ' and never grow like the other horse he had there that was never rode...yes the horse was wearing a saddle (accepted Christ) but would you trust the horse to ride just because of that. Would you let your daughter date a man just because he was a "christian" that had never had to trust his faith.

The 'foundation' was also geared towards training up a child. You can let a child go wild after they have been 'taught' the right foundations but unless you work with them, train them daily, they will never fully trust or be what they are meant to be.

He also compared it to marriage. Spouses will never be able to weather the storms of life and marriage if they do not have their foundation strongly build on The Word.

Building a foundation is daily.
You must work every day on trust/training (in the Lord) to get it to sink in.
You must grow in Christ. Sitting still is not an option.

We were so blessed to listen to the message shown in such an obvious way that most would still overlook just because they 'were already a christian'.

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