November 9, 2008

Baptism Day

Hubby and the girls were baptized today!

There were 9 total baptisms in the church this morning. I cried from the get go as the first one was a dear friend's daughter. The little darling could barely contain her excitement and happiness as the pastor talked her through the process and slipped her under the water. After a few more people it came time for my family.

My youngest daughter was first. She was glowing and content...nothing like I thought she would be. She answered the question and listened intently and was ready. I think she sucked in water but she did her best to come up and out of the baptismal smiling.

Her older sister followed. She was so excited she answered the question before pastor could finish his sentence! She was dunked and bouncing out to the bathroom in record time. I later found her standing in puddles in the bathroom wearing, what used to be her dry church outfit, and was now dripping wet . She was so excited she didn't bother to dry off!

Hubby was next. You really must get this picture... This is a brand new church and baptismal and this was to be the first use of the baptismal. Hubby is 6'8 and 260 lbs. Pastor is maybe 6 ft and around 180 lbs (?) So it was quite the size difference. Hubby was told to kneel down for his dunking and the pastor was not informed...

So here is my big hulking hubby towering over the pastor in water up to his waist. Hubby was asked for his testimony before getting started.

Then p
astor did his speech and hubby was trying to kneel down. Pastor was grabbing hubby's hand trying to get him to hold his nose. Hubby who loves to dive and swim is used to water on his face so he keeps dropping his hand down and is still trying to kneel down and pastor is pulling him back to a stand. Suddenly pastor grabs hubby's back and kicks his leg out from under him while pushing backwards....a nice karate move on pastor's part! Hubby goes down fast all the way to the bottom and his feet come up out of the water. Hubby is flailing about trying to get his footing and pastor is doing everything he can to pull him back up (there are no handles in the baptismal) Oh it was hilarious!

I left the chapel and went to help my girls get ready and saw the pastor in the hall. He is handing his hip waders to his helper and drying off as service is starting. Hubby comes out and teases the pastor about trying to drown him and pastor laughs and says hubby is one of the few times he got wet doing a baptism! LOL

Notes were made that handles and maybe a toe brace should be added to the baptismal ;)

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  1. lol congratulations to Dh and girls!!!!



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